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WeFitter Fitness & Motivation App

For all you fitness minded folks this App is worth checking out! You can earn points for being active and those points can be exchanged for real rewards and discounts. Below is a copy from the ‘about’ page on the WeFitter site: Be Active. Be Rewarded. That really does put in on point. If you’re willing… Read More »

Qriket – Spin The Wheel For Real Money $$

Ok folks- this is actually really cool. Someone shared this on the Facebook group earlier today and I just had to share this. Its essentially a money making app- you are given a certain amount of spins each day and you earn points. Once those are depleted? You can earn additional spins by watching videos.… Read More »

Perk TV For Browsers :)

For all you Perk fanatics this is actually really cool. Perk is finally available on a PC Browser. I am curious to see how it runs and how much the pay adds up. Check it out!!!

ScreenWise Trends Passive Earner

I am VERY late to this game but why not!  Most of you are probably already familiar with this passive earner but for those of you that aren’t? Its an easy way to earn an extra $100 a year doing absolutely nothing. I have dragged my feet on this for quite some time and finally… Read More »

FreeEats Pay-you-to-view Smart Phone Service

This offer is certainly not for everyone but if you are a true penny pincher like me?  Why not : ) is a pay to view service where you sign up with your smart phone and they text you advertisements and survey opportunities. What compelled me to join was there is a $1.25 sign… Read More »

Smartphone Users – $15 Project

I always hesitate when I share opportunities like this that involve loading a browser add on or in this instance an application that tracks your smart phone data. Just be aware that I personally am long past the point of worrying about who I share my data with? and I also have a second computer… Read More »

GrabPoints App For Android Users

I just received a promo email for a new money making App GrabPoints. I got all excited and ready to download it for my smartphone? Then I see its only available for Android users 🙁 Aside from Perk TV and SwagBucks? I am desperately searching for another money making App but it looks like Ill have… Read More »

Perk TV App For Smartphones

When I started my website one of the first earners I wrote about was a simple application for smart phones called Perk TV. Its very similar to the more commonly known SwagBucks TV?  The difference is you can run Perk all day where as Swagbucks has a daily limit. This original write up was buried… Read More »