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MturkList – For Serious Amazon Turk Workers

Amazon Turk is still one of my best online earners. I have been doing it for so long I honestly overlook it for the most part and rarely talk about the site or share tips. I forget how hard it was initially learning all the tricks to increase your hourly pay rate such as what… Read More »

ClickWorker Follow Up – AVOID

I jumped on this site with eager anticipation. Despite all the red flags such as ‘Better then Amazon Turk’, or ‘I made $2000 in a week’ I had to find out the hard way. This site is awful folks. Which brings me to an excellent rule of thumb that everyone should keep in mind when… Read More »


Hello Gang!  Over the past year a few folks recommended I join Clickworker. When I finally got around to doing so? It was closed to US residents. Well it appears its now reopened again so I took the time to set up an account and I will give it a try. Not sure if it will… Read More »

This weekend I signed up for task site.  So far so good!!!  It certainly isn’t Amazon Turk? but there are times I exhaust all available work on Amazon and I simply need more : ) The tasks offered are quite simple ranging from joining newsletters, websites or writing comments and reviews. Some surveys/studies.. but… Read More »

The Hidden Value of MintVine (hint: it ain’t surveys)

Happy Saturday morning, folks. Anyone else out there awake at 4am, taking surveys like me? I love this time of day, everyone else is asleep while I have my string lights illuminating the room, headphones on listening to Stan Getz, and earning. After my write-up on Amazon Turk, I think the word is out that I… Read More »