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By | April 18, 2015

Whew- what a long and horrible week. I failed to renew a management tool for the blog and the wonderful folks at Go Daddy extorted $150 from me in order to reclaim the data otherwise the site was history. I hope some of you appreciate this blog because it came very close to being dumped this week. It will take me about 6 months to earn that with the Google banner adds here 🙁

Ok back to business. Bright Ideas. I shared this site with subscribers earlier this week but the post was lost when the site went down. Probably a good thing? Because 2 days after taking my first survey invite with them? They paid me the $5 for my 7  minutes of work. High paying? Fast turn around? excellent customer support? and to top it off? 1 day later I received another email congratulating me that I won an extra $20 gift card because my responses on the survey were considered well thought out. Folks I don’t make a dime referring you to these folks but if you do anything after reading this? Join the BrightIdeas mailing list!

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Thanks folks!!!

2 thoughts on “BrightIdeas – Paid Research Studies

  1. Greg Jones

    How do the banner ads pay? Would you get a few pennies if folks clicked on them? I ignore them, but it it increases your revenue I have no problem clicking away.

  2. paul2015 Post author

    Hey Greg!!! Believe it or not? That is how it works.. The only fly in the ointment is Google watches the data like a hawk so if I were to come out and say please click on every banner you see on my site? It would make me a few bucks initially but they would catch it and ban me.. Of course what upsets me is? They restrict me from telling people to click? but its funny how all the adds are similar to what my blog is about and sometimes its hard to tell whats an add and whats a post by me.. Very slick how efficient google is..

    but the best I can say is if you see a banner from time to time that interests you? Take a second to click and see if there’s value in the offer and that would help me a lot. From time to time some of the things I post offer referral rewards? A few weeks ago I shared the Free Eats texting service and they kicked back $1 to me for each person that subscribed.. That was actually the most I ever made thus far it was really cool even if it was just a few dozen subscribers. All day I would get a text saying ‘Free Eats just sent you a dollar!’.. and of course I would dream about having 10,000 subscribers doh : )

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