Be Selective With Surveys!!!

By | August 25, 2014

GPT sites offer some fantastic survey opportunities.   The trick to making it worth the time?  Visit the sites a few times a week and do a quick search for the highest paying surveys and only the highest paying. Don’t waste time on low paying surveys!

If you have been at this for some time you already realize the biggest obstacle standing between you and big money from taking surveys is the ridiculous amount of time spent dealing with rejections.  The only way to get around this is to go for the big payouts. Id rather get 2-3 rejections in order to finally get a $3 payout? then to waste that same time for a $.50 study.

Set your accounts up so you have surveys emailed to you. Inboxdollars emails me about 2 surveys a day with a $2 or better payout. FusionCash emails me nice ones every week and I find them to be very low in rejections. STOP wasting time on low payouts- the rejections will eat any profit you make its simply not worth it. If you set up an account with 6-12 sites?  Pick only the highest paying surveys and trust me- this strategy works.  Surveys help boost your account real fast but you have to demand only the best. For every 1 survey I get accepted to? I get rejected on 3-4 attempts..  Its simply not worth trying for low paying surveys. Get in the habit of doing this and your hourly pay rate will dramatically increase. There are plenty of high paying surveys. Don’t let them sucker you in for low pay- you absolutely must account for the ridiculous time wasted on rejections!  I try for 2-3 surveys a week from each of these GPT sites and I never settle for less then $1.50

ClixSense– Rejection rate is high but the site offers many $2-4 opportunities replenished almost daily. You only need 2-3 of these a week.

InboxDollars Very easy to complete several a week and they email them directly to you. I have gotten some really good ones lately from these folks.

LootPalace Excellent surveys. Everything on this site seems to be higher pay then the rest. Quickly turning into my favorite GPT site. Averaging $25 a week with very little effort.

Swagbucks & Gifthulk Very high rejection rate but again- be selective and you will occasionally get a $2-4 survey. Swagbucks also occasionally offers double payment on surveys so look for that.


People walk away from surveys and call it a scam.. You are presented with dozens of opportunities and you can sit there all day trying to make $5 as you waste hours getting rejected. Go for the cream of the crop.. I make more now off surveys then I did when I would spend all day trying to catch every one. Whats better is now? I spend about 1/4 the amount of time. This strategy works- don’t settle for low pay..



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