Banned From Radio Loyalty? Read This!

By | December 3, 2014

SwagBucks offers the highest payout for Radio Loyalty and if you are at your screen all day like I am? this can easily earn you an extra $20-30 a month just for listening to the radio. SwagBucks is currently paying $.10 an hour which is $.04 better then any other site- doesn’t sound like much? but when your listening all day every day those few extra pennies start to add up.

Two weeks ago I was shocked when I attempted to start up the radio and was told my account was blocked for suspicious activity. I never use Radio Loyalty in multiple windows nor do I violate any rules that I know of, so I was insulted. What I discovered was Radio Loyalty outsources its security. A quick Google search makes it clear they are doing a horrible job at it and the results are a lot of folks being banned from the service. The worse part is, when you try to reach Radio Loyalty? You probably would have better luck contacting the President. It took me over 8 back and forth emails to finally determine that although its Radio Loyalty outsourced security  that issues the ban? Its up to SwagBucks to remove it and re-instate your account. This would be great if SwagBucks support understood this procedure but they clearly don’t and no matter how hard I tried to explain it to them? They kept responding that I had to contact radio loyalty. It took 2 weeks for Radio Loyalty to respond to me but by this time I had escalated my problem to management at SwagBucks and they lifted the ban. Keep in mind the ban is site specific so I was able to use the radio elsewhere? But with SwagBucks dangling that $.10 I was determined to lift that ban. So if your account gets banned? remember- you have to push support to lift it. No matter what they say? Trust me, they can do it… They just need some convincing : )




5 thoughts on “Banned From Radio Loyalty? Read This!

  1. Greg Jones

    You are more determined than I am. When SwagBucks blocked my account I just wished them the worse and moved on. Spent the time wasted on their pennies earning dimes on MTurk just to show myself that SwagBucks can die and not make any difference to me. Ended up with a real good November!! Thanks, SwagButts.

    1. paul Post author

      Greg I hear you loud and clear.. What always struck me with the work we are doing is just how little respect most of the sites have for the workers. Even Amazon- my mouth drops when I see a requester posts a hit paying $.20 and says it will take 1 hour to complete and there are about a dozen attention checkers. No shame- I think that’s why I have trouble letting it go.. even if I have to spend 2 weeks fighting for a few pennies ill do it just to be a thorn. if my website grows? I plan on using our subscriber base to add some weight to our grievances. On that note- if you haven’t given up on SwagBucks? Drop me an email id be happy to scream on your behalf. I hate seeing anyone get cheated and having the website certainly adds a little importance to my screaming : )

      Hey have you noticed Amazon Turk the last few weeks there seems to be a large increase in tasks available? Cant tell you how happy I am to see that- over the last few months it got dreadfully slow.. I broke a personal record yesterday and completed 68 surveys. I am desperately trying to obtain master class status.. Tomorrow I have a 1 hour focus group on junk food of all things.. $125 for an hour- that is where the real pay is but of course that requires putting on nice clothes and smiling compared to just strolling out of bed and putting on sweats bellying up to Amazon all day but for $125? I will do cartwheels if they ask!

  2. Greg Jones

    Complaining to the requester can work on MTurk sometimes. Things were slow and I changed my search to ten cent HITs and did one for thirteen cents, expecting a few questions to be completed in a minute or two. I forgot about the pay and finished it……a dozen pages and eight minutes later. The last page had a box for comments and I put something like “Thirteen cents….never again. Have fun with the money you didn’t pay me.” I just got an email from MTurk——they guy gave me a twenty-three cent bonus!!!!

    It happens every now and then.


  3. Greg Jones

    I have never read that the number of surveys or anything else done relates to Master Quals. It seems to be a secret how a person is granted that level. I envision a entrance ritual with cloaks, candles and chants. Kinda like a Frat House before they banned such methods of fun.


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