Avoid Survey Sharks. Instead, Go to Where Young Turks Works, Part I

By | July 20, 2014

Beware of Survey SharksWhen I first tried making money online, I did what most people do: I joined a few survey sites and was immediately excited when I saw hundreds of surveys available for me to take. I joined a dozen of the top sites mentioned on most get-rich-fast blogs (no shortage of those, right?) and put in several weeks of hard work, 10-15 hours per day. Yet I never took home more than $15 in a week.

Talk about cold water on the face… So what was going wrong?  No punches pulled here because it’s high time someone writes honestly about survey sites: 90% of them are garbage. No, they are NOT scams, at least technically. You CAN earn small amounts, but based on the time and work involved, it is simply not worth it.

The absolute biggest issue with taking surveys is that you have to qualify, a slippery word since you don’t know upfront if you qualify and will not know until you put in 10-15 minutes of your time. At that point, if you do not qualify you are rejected. WTF? Adding insult to your injury of lost time, the survey requester just walked away with the data that you submitted. At your expense. After such an experience, why would anyone take another survey again?

Another problem is the technical error rate is high, I would guess about 1 in 5 surveys result in an error message upon submission, meaning you lose everything. Forget trying to argue your case to the requester, you are a number to this person and they will not bother to answer you or give you credit. In the instances when I received answers, I was told quite plainly to read the disclaimer and flake off.

So save yourself a lot of time up front, don’t listen to the hype.

I Have a Solution – A Source for Reliable, Well-Paid Surveys

So how do you avoid wasting your time with surveys? I’ll let you in on a little secret tomorrow. Promise.

2 thoughts on “Avoid Survey Sharks. Instead, Go to Where Young Turks Works, Part I

  1. Carlos

    Yep, the rejection rate is insane. Even if you fall within the presumably prime demographic – 25-35, with money to buy something, main financial decision-maker/buyer – you’ll get screened out of surveys at 75% of the time, usually more.

    Another pitfall is that some surveys offer only gift cards valid in a certain country as a reward. Some (despite being in a list of paying surveys) offer only points and you’ll never really get any kind of reward whatsoever.

    Some work well though you’ll really have to comb the haystack to find them.

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Carlos,

      Check out my post re: mTurk surveys.

      Even the best dedicated survey sites can’t compare to mTurk. It’s just amazing how the horrible sites are praised and ironically, the better a survey site is, the less you hear about it… Notice a trend? Scam sites generally pay the highest referral rewards while Amazon pays absolutely no referral bucks. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on, and why we hear about one and not the other. When I first started trying to earn online, I spent three solid days on Neobux and made about $.20 (and that IS twenty cents, not a decimal in the wrong place). The way the site is praised, you’d think you could support a family of five by taking their surveys all day long. It’s one huge pyramid scheme in my opinion.

      I am working on a comprehensive breakdown of survey sites and also GPT sites that offer surveys. I joined most of them at some point, and out of about 50-75 sites you can narrow it down to less then 10 that are worthwhile. I will also discuss survey sites that offer a lot of in-home product testings. Those usually pay $25-50, so just a few each month can really help pay the bills.

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