Avoid Survey Sharks. Instead, Go to Where Young Turks Works, Part II

By | July 20, 2014

IAmazon Mechanical Turk had all but given up on surveys until I ran into a bit of information that I had never seen before. A site called Amazon Mechanical Turk. Yes, that Amazon. You may not know this, but Amazon runs a large e-commerce site that offers hundreds of thousands of surveys, studies and other tasks. At the moment I’m writing this, they currently have 486,000 online tasks available for folks like us to earn from.

Short, sad aside: How was it possible that I spent six months of my life joining every possible survey site, reading thousands of blogs, and never found Amazon Turk?  Simple. Amazon doesn’t advertise the service and they do not offer referral dollars, so no one has incentive to talk about it or promote it. If you’ve taken online surveys before, you probably know that the worst sites are the ones that are praised the most on dishonest blogs, simply because of the large referral incentives they offer. The promise of large sums of money makes people do stupid things, no matter how far-fetched their odds seem.

I make between $500-$1000 a month on mTurk.  There are no after-the-fact rejections like you get on big survey sites, and with Amazon’s backbone the site works flawlessly and is extremely professional and easy to use. If you are willing to work hard, I guarantee you are going to make a good buck on mTurk. In short: in the time it would take you to complete a survey and get approved on one of the popular survey sites, you will have already completed 4-6 surveys (and received your payment) on mTurk. Amazon changed my approach to online earning and widened my horizons exponentially. Again, I have to stress this: you won’t get rich, but if you need cash, ($100 or even $500 per month, depending on how hard you are willing to work) then stop wasting your time and give mTurk a lurk.

In the coming weeks, I will put together a step-by-step guide to get you started on mTurk, as it can be a little daunting at first.


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4 thoughts on “Avoid Survey Sharks. Instead, Go to Where Young Turks Works, Part II

  1. paul Post author

    Good morning Abby! Amazon actually pays you in cash which you can either transfer (free) via ACH transfer into your savings/checking account, or you can also convert it into gift cards which never expire.

    When you complete a task there is usually a 1-5 day waiting period where the requester reviews your work to make certain you followed instructions.

  2. Cynthia

    Thanks so much for this site, Paul!!! It is by far the most helpful site/blog that I have found concerning surveys, CTP sites…etc. I can’t wait for you to do your step by step guide on how to use Amazon Turk. I signed up for it about a month ago, but have done nothing with it. It seemed daunting at the time, so I moved onto other sites.
    Thank you so much again for your site and all your hard work providing this information!!!

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