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By | October 7, 2015

I found this interesting opportunity earlier this morning and felt it was appealing enough to share in a blog post. This could be an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash performing usability tests. AVG is a large company that deals with antivirus, privacy and security software for PCs, Tablets and Smartphones. Don’t feel intimidated if you are not a computer guru! User testing is quite simple and the pay is generally above average. Hope this works for some of us!!! See the actual advert below:

AVG Technologies (a global leader of antivirus, privacy, and security software for computers, smartphones, and tablets) is seeking participants for online research studies.

Each study can be done from the comfort of your home, allowing anyone (aged 18+) with a reliable Internet connection to participate. Registration can be done quickly and easily from the link below, and if chosen, you’ll be contacted a couple of days before the study in order to arrange a timeslot that best suits your schedule.

Pay: $10 to $100 (in an Amazon gift card) per session (5 minutes to 2 hours long)

Participation in these studies is subject to terms and conditions. We respect your privacy, and your contact information will not be shared with third parties or used for any purposes other than to invite you to participate in future studies.

If you’d like to sign up for these studies, please put the following link in your browser to open our questionnaire and answer the questions:



Lots of new studies posted this week in The Forum folks. If you have time I highly recommend taking a look to see if anything appeals! Hope everyone is doing great!

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