I don’t want to bore everyone with a long story, but I think it’s important to understand what drove me into this complex world of making money online, and what inspired me to spend over a year weeding out thousands of scams and garbage just to find the few pearls.  I think if you take anything from this site, the most valuable piece of information is to realize is that I never set out to get rich. It’s not what this is about. Of course, it’s what other bloggers will lead you to believe.  But the truth is, “they” realized how hard it is to actually make money online and quickly started selling bogus, hyped-up information in an attempt to profit from referrals bonuses. Myself? I never had a single referral in over 12 months of doing surveys/studies, various GPT sites. I simply needed some honest income and wanted help paying my bills.

For the past few years I sat at this computer screen looking for a way to make side income.  I found it was almost impossible to make $5 a day. But at this time in my life I had free time, as I couldn’t get much work outside of $10-per-hour painting jobs. I sat at my computer for 15 hours-per-day for a year, earning. Some nights, I never went to bed. Slowly that $5 a day became $10. Then $15. Then $20. One thing became obvious: you can’t get rich doing this, but if you push and keep records and approach it correctly, you CAN make some real money on the internet. Was that worth the trade-off of not having a boss? Of not having to get into my car on frigid mornings and wait in traffic to get to the office, then having to pretend to be happy and congenial for my co-workers? For me, it was. I could sleep in the daytime and work late at night, when my internet connection was lightning-fast and there were no phone calls or emails to distract me. The timing seemed right, and with the country’s shift towards universal health care, the situation I most feared (getting sick and having no health coverage) was not so terrifying, anymore.

To get back to the reason why you’re here… When I started working online, the scams and bogus claims wasted countless months.  The absolute worst sites are the ones that pay huge referrals; so beware, most blogs push these sites relentlessly.  Some of the most glowing, raving reviews are for sites that I walked away from, in some cases letting them keep money I earned just to cut my loses.  I decided I wanted to create a site that told it like it is.  The knowledge I’ve gained can save a stay-at-home Mom who needs $150 a month for diapers, a struggling college student, or even someone making a great salary who just wants extra money for wine or vacations.

There is no hype here, only facts.  Once you get past all the scams, there are some fantastic ways to make hundreds of dollars each month. In fact, you will be SHOCKED at how many ways there are to make money on the net – the net pays 🙂

Below is a quick glimpse at at some of the ways you can make money each month.  The key is to have dozens of options and do as many as you can fit into your daily routine.  It all adds up, and the variety can keep it interesting.

  • Amazon Turk
  • Paid survey sites
  • Watching videos (various sites)
  • Listening to radio and paid to search internet
  • Market studies and focus groups
  • Product testing (on location)
  • In-home/online product testing
  • Paid-to-click ads
  • Assorted tasks from GPT sites
  • Posting on forums (such as reddit)
  • Apps on your smart phone
  • Paid-to-call phone surveys

I uncovered a really interesting world that exists online.  I’m here to share my story: I’m surviving, and I’m doing it on my own terms. I don’t have to lie or cheat, have a boss looking over my shoulder, or punch a time clock. I go to sleep each night knowing I made an honest buck and that I’m self-sufficient.

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  1. Janet

    I’m sorry everyone, but I am so new at this and so clueless. In an effort to get rolling, I Googled the focus groups in the Boston area and signed on to their databases. I discovered this one on Craigslist. I really appreciate how kind and open everyone is with their information and knowledge. However, one of the first things I checked out was Quirk’s and could not figure out how to get enrolled in their database. I fear that I am not technologically savvy enough to take advantage of the opportunities out there. Any simpler tips for someone like me? Thank you all so much!

  2. Dawn Barbella

    Your Blog is “COOL” . Your friend and mine, Ed Esso turned me on to this as I am out of work not by choice and I am pretty destitute right now. So I am going to give this try while I am looking for a “JOB”.

    One question, how much a month can you make?

    Anyway, Thank you for doing this to help us po people out. 🙂

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Welcome to the site Dawn! All of this can be extremely overwhelming especially when you are in a pinch and need some extra cash. If only I could download everything I know into your brain you could easily earn $500-1000 and with a lot of effort? about $1500+ but the reality is there is a steep learning curve and you have to step back and take a very managed approach. The good news is? What took me 2 years? you could start seeing results in a few weeks and 1-2 months from now be operating pretty efficiently. The most important step to take initially is to look at your situation and start choosing tasks that you can incorporate with what works specifically for you. Are you good with a computer? can you type fast? do you have a smartphone? can you travel to local product testing or marketing firms? a webcam? the nice thing about what we do here is you don’t have to be a computer wiz or fit all the hats we wear there are just so many different avenues to go down. I can guarantee you one thing? 6 months from now no matter where life takes you? Many of the things you learn on this blog will stick with you for years because they are such simple methods of earning extra income such as making $20-30 a month getting paid to do your internet searches, maybe $10-20 listening to the radio, various survey sites that can earn you $50-100, Amazon Turk if you commit yourself can easily be a part time paycheck earning $500 or more, online focus group projects that pay sometimes up to $1-200, email invites for amazon gift cards for $20. I wish I knew about all this years ago and I don’t ever plan on stopping because its just a no brainer for lack of a better way of putting it.

      Keep in mind- I am not a great writer? and certainly not a techie so you just have to tolerate some poor grammar and site design! This weekend I will be putting out a post that will help you quite a bit and outline what is working for the summer 2015. Make sure you go to the home page of this blog and scroll to the bottom and enter your email address into the Subscribe box. The only person that sees that email is me! I am a solo crew here and that wont ever be distributed. Of course you don’t have to subscribe? but the benefit is you will receive an email every time I post a new study or update and a lot of the higher paying opportunities are time sensitive. Below I am referencing some links to conversations I recently had with folks asking the same questions you did. I hope they help? and feel free to write me an email or join us either here on the blog or on Reddit in discussion so we can get you up to speed. I am so glad Ed shared this with you and trust me it will all c ome together quickly : )

      Scroll to the comments section of this blog post for some great dialogue:

      An excellent Reddit conversation on getting started:

      REMEMBER- Don’t try and jump on everything! I spend all day at this? So there are some tasks like watching videos or paid to read emails which I do just to add maybe $.20 a day to my bottom line. Don’t make the mistake of overwhelming yourself with those initially. Go for the larger earners and work your way from there. Here is a fantastic post which pretty much outlines how I approach it but remember I do this sometimes 15 hours a day and I try and pick up every penny. That certainly isn’t for everyone to say the least : )

    1. paul2015 Post author

      : ) Thanks Bridget! Argh- its going so fast I don’t want to think about it.. but life sure is getting a lot better over this last year especially the last 6 months I am actually taking some of these earnings and saving money again. I just finished another juice study and next week I am swamped with outside work I have to figure out how to keep the online stuff going so I don’t get lazy and slack : )

      Going to go for a nice big hike this afternoon and then on the drive home Ill pick up a nice cheap (but well researched) bottle of Vino and that will be how I end the day. Funny how great life is but goes so damn fast and then as the hardships and years pile on it gets easier to forget that.

  3. shawn

    Hi Paul 🙂 know you from the survey takers group on Facebook. this is an AWESOME blog you have here! Great information and NO BS! I know myself from back in the days of searching around for on line money making opportunities and finding probably EVERY scam out there how frustrating and discouraging it can be! ( so GLAD those days are behind me ). It’s great to see someone putting out REAL info for people who are starting out like WE did and i can say that if you are one of those people READING this right now CONGRATULATIONS for finding this blog and rest assure that everything you find here is 100% accurate and legitimate!

  4. Marshia

    I am the owner of Elite Market research. Someone is posting my studies on this site……I need to ask you to please do not post my research sessions because people tend to think they are nationwide when most are not and I get responses from all over the US and that’s just a waste of time. I ALWAYS list a location but studies are not listed here by market.

    Elite Market Research Team

    1. Paul Post author

      Hello Marshia! I do apologize! Sometimes either myself or a user of the site makes a mistake and posts a study as nationwide when its actually a local opportunity. Our forum is almost entirely for nationwide opportunities so in the future if I see Elite Market Research I will be sure to delete it. I noticed you had posted one of your studies in the forum in the past, however you did mention it was not nationwide. You are welcome to share studies in the forum with the cities/states listed however like I said, we concentrate mostly on nationwide opportunities so you really wont reach the target audience. I hope in the future you do offer some nationwide opportunities 🙂


  5. focusquota

    Hello ,

    Im a Market Research recruiter for Focus Quota. I want to know how can I submit Nationwide studies I’m working to you for postings?

    I have one I’m currently working for Healthcare Professionals/Decision Makers…Can you help me with this?

    1. Admin Post author

      Good morning Focusquota! I just sent an email to your address. We would be VERY happy to have you here sharing studies with the group. Check your mailbox and write me back when you get some free time. 🙂

  6. Stan Vance

    Warning about adfly links
    Have been using this site for a few months and it probably is the best online site for focus groups and other online money ideas.
    However please be caredul when clicking on any pre survey links that start out with adfly.
    I have clicked on 2 and both times my phone went crazy with virus warnings and all the nasty stuff that goes with that.i know this isn’t site owners fault.somehow someone snuck these in.never happened to me here till very recently.otherwise great site i reference daily.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Stan! Sure wish I could take away the Adfly links. Unfortunately the true reality of running a blog? Unless you have millions of visitors a month? You probably wont even cover your domain/hosting software costs with advertising. I was so reluctant for 2 years to put advertising on the blog but I finally had to at least cover the costs. If I told you how little I made in advertising? You would never believe it but truth is its barely ever over $1 a day, so not counting the massive amount of time I put into this each day? The site costs me money just to keep it up and running.

      FWIW- when those beeps and sirens go off from Adfly? It really is all just fake.. You simply close the browser – there is no trojan or virus, its just one of many popups that tries to fool you into clicking on the adds. Its annoying but harmless.

      Not sure if you realize this but this website is NOT the heart of all this anymore. Last year I started a Facebook group.. but decided to take it a step further and I started yet a 3rd group, this one a very private group that is NOT open to the public. that group is made up of either serious contributors or people that send donations.. Everything you see here originates there – 100% of it. If you are serious about what Coolworkideas is about? You should write me an email and I will send you an invite. The private group is absolutely where you want to be – you have never seen a group with more serious, devoted people working together to make money. Oh and yes the group is free with the request that if you have a great month you consider a donation or at the very least contribute material.

      email me at Popgoiuuod@gmail.com for more if interested..

    1. Admin Post author

      Thank you Harri! I am about to set out on a move but when I settle in I will certainly put out a blog post alerting folks of your site. I constantly share studies from Respondent both here and in my Facebook groups and highly recommend people bookmark the site and take advantage of the large volume of studies you offer. Best of luck to you!


  7. Andrew Sipperley


    I am a Research Support Associate at the MIT AgeLab. We are looking for people between the ages of 20-75 who live in the greater Boston area to participate in our paid research studies.

    AgeLab volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of paid research studies ranging from short in-office visits targeted at visual perception or driving the AgeLab driving simulator to longer multi-visit studies aimed at understanding naturalistic driving through on-road driving. Our studies pay participants between $30 and $150.

    Please let me know how the MIT AgeLab could be added to your page’s list of paid university research opportunities.

    Andrew Sipperley

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