A Week Worthy of Bragging About

By | October 31, 2014

tvfocusgroupHad a fantastic week, folks! AmazonTurk, GPT/Survey sites were all very active. Very busy still, so I  will make this short but sweet…

Opinion Outpost – I had all but written this panel off.  A subscriber to the site motivated me to update my user profile and wow, did that make a difference. From this point forward I will make it a point to review my profiles when a panel goes stale because it sure seemed to work. I had a $17.00 week with Opinion Outpost, achieved by visiting the site once each morning and again late evening. I did want to reiterate that the biggest issue I have with this panel: You get disqualified from surveys when you are very deep into them, so be aware this can be very time consuming and frustrating. To combat this I only accept surveys with a payout of $1.5 or better. On a positive note, OpinionOutpost is one of the few panels that seems to genuinely care for its participants, and if you are owed a credit or get hit with an unreasonable error, reach out to them and may apply it. MY ADVICE: Go for the big ones and don’t let the rejections take way your drive. Its an unfortunate part of this business.

TVFocusGroup – Several weeks ago, I took the time to join this site on a recommendation from my friend at Continuous Cash Ideas. I received my first invite this week and it was a good one. Took less then 10 minutes and paid me with a $25 Amazon Gift card. I will write more about this one in the future for certain, but wanted to share my good fortune with everyone so you can get a jump on this. Doesn’t cost a dime to join so why not? Just keep in mind that when I received the email invite, it clearly stated that they only had 150 spots available so just like I recommend with MintVine email invites: Jump on them fast or you’ll miss out. This puts TVFocusGroup in the same special class as MintVine, offering those rare/elusive high paying studies. I want more of these!!!

SocialSci – I had a scare this weekend with regards to cashing out my gains for a gift card. Very happy the outcome was just a system glitch and I have been paid. Really like this panel but its always nerve-wracking when you don’t have a history of dealing with a panel and a problem arises. Thanks SocialSci!!!

BingRewards– Offering double rewards today and this weekend, again. Also each day I noticed they are throwing in 4-5 one pointer links. Hope this trend continues. I almost wrote these folks off last week as well! Yet another reminder that things change oh so fast in this business.

Rush Rush.. have to get back to work but wanted to squeeze these comments in ahead of the weekend. I have quite a bit more Id like to share and will try to post more later this weekend. Enjoy!!

10 thoughts on “A Week Worthy of Bragging About

  1. TheDudeAbides

    I’m working Bing and smoking a doob, been a subscriber to your site for the last three months and have to thank you for doing all the legwork. I spend about 90 mins. a day, always based on your recommendations, and I’m flush with green stuff of all varieties.

  2. alan

    Hey Paul, I’m loving your blog and following your advice. Signed with a couple of the panels you tipped us to. I tried to register with TVFocusGroup but when I click on register it sends me to something called Survey Monkey. ?
    Can you let me know if thats the same thing you got when you signed up?

  3. paul Post author

    Hi Alan! Strange I just ran into the same error you did- its acting as if I just completed the signup and then ‘thanks’ me with a survey monkey screen notice. I tried it just now with FIrefox and Explorer and it worked fine- but for some reason Chrome is giving me that survey monkey screen. Try Firefox or Explorer and see if that works : ( )

  4. Jennifer

    I also agree that Opinion Outpost has fantastic customer service. I’ve written to them quite a few times when I’ve been at the end of a survey, finishing up the classification questions and get disqualified. They are very good about giving credit for those, when you’re clearly at the end of the survey and get the boot. Two thumbs up for their customer service department.

  5. Greg Jones

    I’ve tried Opinion Outpost since this post came out and haven’t had very good results. I almost ALWAYS end up checking “None of the above” to all of the pre-survey questions that they ask, not matter what medical conditions, bank, cars, clothing or stores that they list. I guess that I’m just not what they are looking for as a responder. No big deal.

    I’m giving MintVine a try now and am having better luck.

  6. paul Post author

    Greg- every time I brag about a good week it seems to be followed by an equally difficult/frustrating one. Last evening I spent about 3 hours trying to qualify on all my favorite sites and walked away earning $.5 for my troubles. This morning? Amazon Turk is ridiculously slow so I have been hitting up all the survey sites and again- nothing! When I have other work its fine but today I have nothing and it just makes it frustrating beyond words. Unfortunately its just how it goes. Funny about Opinion Outpost- they ask all those silly questions and I have found you can choose “None of the above” and still be selected for a survey so I never take those questions too seriously. My personal favorite is when they ask what kind of car I drive? and the choices are BMW, Audi, Lexus.. heh yes- I’m taking surveys while on my 5 million dollar yacht… : ) They never seem to ask about my 15 year old Chevy Impala with 170,000 miles on it barely able to make it out of the driveway..

    What we are talking about here is a perfect example of why I waste my time doing small tasks like HyprMX videos and Radio Loyalty, Perk TV, Swagbucks Encraves or ZoomBucks videos.. The pay is horrible? but you can count on it.. I like having a few certainties so even if it only ads up for $150-200 at the end of the month? at least I can count on it..

    I start a candy study next week… pretty happy about that : )

  7. Greg Jones

    You mention that you do the video’s and other tasks on an old phone while you do surveys and they make a few cents on their own. I don’t have anything except my laptop. Would it serve me to look around for a used tablet or something like that. I do have a router and friends have used my connection, I don’t have a data plan for phone apps.
    These would be new things to learn but all I have is time.

    Greg AKA mandowhacker

  8. paul Post author

    Hi Greg! How powerful is the laptop? You can make quite a bit more money using the laptop.. I use my Iphone but I also pay for a wireless plan which kills all my profits- in fact in a few months I plan on moving to a new apartment and Ill be switching to a skype account : ( ) but if you just used the phone through wifi its worth it. A combo of a smart phone and laptop could/should make you $2-300 a month extra if your at the screen all day. I actually have a second computer and since I’m at the screen quite a bit I use the 2nd to watch video, listen to radio loyalty etc etc and although its horrendous pay? It doesn’t get any easier then watching videos and making an additional side income. Its only worth it if your at the screen all day because the pay on videos is really low- but SwagBucks Encraves on your laptop would make you $2-3 a day which adds up nicely. Lately I have been doing about $100 a month from SwagBucks and I don’t even realize I’m doing it all day : )

    Swagbucks can be a little tricky so drop me an email if you need some help getting up to speed? I have no problem helping you! All day as I’m working Amazon I have videos to entertain me from Swagbucks and like clockwork I cash out 2 times a month for $50. It all adds up.. slowly.. but surely : )

  9. Greg Jones

    Thanks, I’ll check out Swagbucks, I wouldn’t mind getting a tablet or something to throw in the messenger bag if it will pay for itself rather quickly. No problems with the laptop, it’s just a bit heavy to ride around with. Plus, I don’t want to damage it in minor mishap.

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