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By | April 1, 2015

Hi Folks!  Just wanted to put together a rush rush post with some updates and odds/ends. Hope this message finds everyone doing well!!!

FusionCash– Fusion cash just added a new feature which acts as an incentive to visit the site daily. You can earn a quick $1+ each day just for visiting the site and performing a few daily functions. Read the post on Reddit if interested! I use FusionCash quite a bit for the high paying surveys. Certainly worth looking into if you don’t already use them- just remember its crucial when taking surveys here is to always be extremely selective. You can easily waste 10-15 minutes trying to qualify so I make it a point to only try for the high paying surveys. Don’t waste time on the low pay! Write a comment if you need help I love this site but it can be tricky like all GPT sites. Also remember Fusion gives a $5 signup bonus.

Online Focus Groups & Market Studies– Just a quick reminder if you have transportation and enjoy doing on location focus groups to keep checking Craigslist each day. Next to Amazon Turk this is my second largest earner. In fact, lately? its become my top earner and the pay rate is incredible.

SwagBucks– Slowly but surely Swag is starting to get back to producing $100-150 a month again. I just cashed out for $100 and sincerely hope I can start counting on this again. Encrave videos have been slow since the start of the year but they seem to be back to about 70%. If you are a heavy Encraver like myself? I noticed if I restart my computer a few times during the day the supply of videos is refreshed. Also Radio Loyalty continues to pay $.05 and has worked flawlessly for me for months now averaging about 15 hours a day. That comes out to $1.5 or $45 a month just for listening to the radio. Granted I am at my screen all day but if you need advice on profiting from SwagBucks feel free to ask- Id be happy to share. I run SwagBucks on my second computer. EVERYONE should have a second computer for what we do here– it will pay for itself in a month. Incidentally don’t forget about daily SwagBucks Codes found here.

PerkTv– By now most of you have heard of PerkTV. Paid to watch Movie Trailers and some assorted tasks. Its been common knowledge for quite some time that Perk allows you to hook up multiple devices. Not sure why I never did it? Part of the excuse was I thought the cost of a new smart phone would make it silly. That was until I found out you can get a phone at Walmart for about $20. I will be adding some new phones to my Perk lineup. I take about $20-25 from Perk without fail every 4-6 weeks and will report back with how the additions ad up. Keep in mind Perk allows you to add multiple phones in fact they condone it. Wish I did this sooner but better late then never.


GrabPoints– This one doesn’t get mentioned by me because its for Android users. Sorry folks, I am an Apple fanatic but I see a lot of folks click on this post so worth mentioning it even tho I know very little about it.

Inbox Dollars & Send Earnings– I had an interesting experience with Inbox this week that was worth mentioning. I answered an emailed survey invite for $2.5 and was livid when I hit an error after 20 minutes of my time was wasted. I clicked on support? within 2 minutes I was in live chat with a representative? He was able to check the survey I had a problem with and confirm the error and my account was credited immediately. A HUGE gold star goes out to Inbox dollars for shining in an area where 99.9% of these sites fail- customer service!  Inbox and Send are both owned by the same folks and support is the same with both fwiw. Keep in mind with these 2 sites? I spend VERY little time on them because they are not very big earners. The value with these 2 sites is in emailed survey invites? paid searches and paid to read emails. Honestly I constantly hear people call them scams and a waste of time? but its all in how you approach it. I said it a million times and Ill say it again. Don’t visit these sites thinking you can spend hours there and make money. The true secret is to take a few minutes each week to answer the email survey invites, and while you are there? Clear out all the paid emails, do 15 searches, perhaps snag 1-2 offers that look simple and apply to you so you know it will be an easy $.50-$1?  and move on. This is all I do with these sites and yes I do reach the $30 cashout. They are slow earners but its all in how you approach them. Heck, $.02 to open an email? .01 for a search? why not?  and if you are selective with the survey invites? You can find some real fat paying surveys from time to time. You just have to be smart with how you approach these and not get lost in the zillions of offers that will rob you of your time. Cherry pick and move on. and just for the record? I earned a total of about $5 in referral rewards combined from both of these so what I earn from them is earned in the trenches. I hope one day to make money off referrals but its a HUGE numbers game and sadly it will take a good year or 2 before referrals become a factor in my earnings. If I promote a site its because it earns me money without referrals- and that’s the honest truth.

Amazon Turk– No matter how hard I push? My absolute best earner doesn’t seem to interest many people. Not sure why that is? but sure wish I could convince some of you of the value here. February was one of my best months using Amazon Turk. Even this weekend there has been enough steady work to keep me busy all day. During the prime time hours during the week days?  I can easily make $10-15 an hour. Ok, not easily but with a lot of coffee and determination.

FreeEats– Don’t laugh folks! If you have been hanging around this blog for a while? you’ll know by now that I go after every penny I can. Literally. I concentrate the bulk of my efforts on Amazon Turk, Focus groups and Market studies followed by quality survey panels and targeted emailed opportunities. Since joining FreeEats I have received 3 text advertisements which promptly paid me $.25 into my Paypal. Sure its not a lot of money but good God it doesn’t get any easier then that. When you take away my big earners? I have about 5+ dozen small tasks and sites I use all week that add small bits of change to my accounts but at the end of the month these amount to about $300-500 in extra income. That is nothing to laugh about.  Its very rare to find an Amazon Turk so if you want to make more money you absolutely must think in nickles and dimes and just keep adding more. Its a numbers game but it works.

Usability Test Sites– I have honestly neglected these sites because I am so busy.. but you absolutely must check these out! Huge potential and quite unique. I will get committed to these real soon.

MXWRK– This one is NOT for everyone. This is where a second computer comes in handy. This is a browser extension and you get paid daily to have it on your computer. I took it off and then decided to make it active again because I am a true penny pincher. Every day without fail between $.25-.50 was deposited into my Paypal for doing nothing.  $7-15 a month?  Like I said- its not for everyone and I don’t recommend you use it on your main computer? but I have had no issues with it and will continue to use it for now.

LiveWire & InnoPoll – both are a must have, these sites don’t have a platform however they email you invites that pay very fair hourly rates. Accelerant Research also in the same winners circle, they just offered me a $15 / 10 minute survey yesterday which unfortunately I didn’t qualify for but it illustrates the fantastic pay rate and screeners usually take 1-2 minutes to see if you qualify.

Quirks & GreenBook – I have been trying to share a lot of in home focus group opportunities with the blog but keep in mind? Every week I am out on the road taking part in studies on locations. Take some time to visit these sites and find local resources? I know a lot of this depends on where you live but you’d be surprised at what is out there. Its one of the best kept secrets. I am earning a LOT of money doing this and cant pound my fist on the table enough trying to make this point.

Ok so this post was nothing more then a rehash, but I like to do this every few weeks just to keep myself organized. If you can take one thing from this post? Go out and buy a second computer. Heck maybe ill start building cheapo systems and sell them on the blog- add that to the $1 a day I make if Im lucky and people click on some adverts.. Just running SwagBucks video and Radio Loyalty all day can add $100-200 a month to your earnings. You can go on Craigslist and find a used computer or heck even Walmart sells complete refurbished systems at ridiculous prices. It will pay for itself in a month, and allows you to be more adventurous with the sites you visit and things you download. I am considering getting a 3rd computer.. but first I need to get these phones hooked up to Perk TV before laying out another $2-300 : )


Monitor THIS FORUM daily for high paying research studies!!!



4 thoughts on “A Few Odds & Ends

  1. Kathleen

    Love, love, love your blog! I’m doing a few of these things, but there are a few others you mentioned today that I need to check out! 🙂

  2. Kathleen

    Oh also! You might want to take a look at the app Checkpoints if you aren’t already using it. It’s primarily a shopping app, but they have a ‘Watch Videos’ section similar to Perk. It can earn about $.30 a day or so… My ref code is sweetmamakaty if you’re so inclined. 🙂

    If you’re looking to add any inexpensive androids, you could check out C7 Device Recycle’s facebook page. Maybe you already know about them, but I have ordered a couple times and had positive experiences – you just have to come up with your own charger in most cases.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Thanks for the good words Kathleen! MUCH appreciated!!! Will check those out! I keep dreaming and looking at NewEgg.com under refurbished Ipads.. The thing for me is? I have my entire music collection on my PC.. I no longer have my Ipod and this computer has been on its last leg for years now so I’m afraid I’m going to lose that music. I need an Apple device to snag all that music so real soon I need to either get a new ipod? or an ipad to save my collection. Sadly its not in the budget but if I don’t act soon that music will be lost and that’s going to hurt . So first I need the phones, then a refurbed Ipod, then a cheapo computer. Where is Santa? 🙂

  3. Michele

    I love your blog!!! Has helped me tremendously. I’m all in with Amazon Turk. That’s where I make most of my income and work on it all day and into the night (well evening). Glad to see the number of hits has been up this week. Also have done fairly well on Fusion Cash (with your tips, I don’t bother with low paying surveys either). I keep plugging away, cashed out once so far and will be cashing out again this month. I’m letting that one build up a bit. I agree with you about Inbox Dollars and Send Dollars. I’ve also heard people complain about it but I’ve already cashed out twice on Inbox and am close to my third time. It might be slow but eventually you get to the payout level.

    I have not been successful on Radio Loyalty, I can get it to play but I never get a captcha to verify. I’ve had it play for a few hours but never seem to be successful.

    Unfortunately the area I live in is not a big city, I always look for the focus groups on Craigslist like you suggest but there aren’t any in my area. Still I try all the others you suggested but haven’t been successful in qualifying yet.

    Like Kathleen, you posted a couple today that I haven’t yet tried but I’m jumping on them.
    Paul, can’t thank you enough for all that you do. Wish there was something we could do for you.

    I became unexpectedly unemployed from my last job (after 20 plus years) and your advice has helped more than I can tell you. Please know it’s much appreciated.


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