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By | November 16, 2015

Hiya Folks! Sorry its been so quiet lately but it looks like my move is completed and its back to business as usual for me, only now? I have a much nicer view and am surrounded by woods so I can concentrate on growing my online earnings while enjoying some secluded country living for a change of pace.

If you have been following the Forum? You realize I have been putting a lot of my focus on market research opportunities. I have a few dozens sites I visit daily for tasks, surveys, videos such as Swagbucks, LootPalace, Mintvine, FusionCash, the paid searches on Inbox, SendEarnings and Bing among others but my main focus continues to be Amazon Turk and market research studies. Getting accepted to a 1 hour online study can earn me just as much as all these smaller task do for the entire month! So although I wont ever stop doing the smaller earners? I clearly have set priorities to focus on the larger payouts. Makes sense!  I  might add that today I won a drawing on an Amazon Turk hit which paid me $98 which in our earnings world? Is huge. I love Amazon Turk 🙂

Had a great week last week- I was accepted into 2 studies. Unfortunately as you probably already know its taboo to even give a clue as to what the studies involve when you get accepted so best I can share is a link to the sites so you can sign up and get on future studies. Fieldwork.com is a must for anyone serious about paid market research. They offer both local opportunities via their satellite offices? and also quite a few nationwide online opportunities.  ResearchWorx is one I singed up for months ago and finally I qualified for a nice paying study.  Remember folks- when you started taking surveys? The flawed thinking was sign up to as many as possible and as a result you will have unlimited opportunity. Of course it didn’t take long to figure out that with survey platforms that will just waste your time given so many of them are absolute junk and the wise thing to do is identify the winners and forget the rest. With regards to market research studies however? You want to absolutely sign up for as many as possible! you wont be spammed with tons of offers, in fact some of these firms you will only get an invite 1-2 times a year so its imperative you spread your name and subscribe to as many as possible. Its where the money is and that’s the bottom line. Multi million dollar research firms willing to pay you for an opinion.

Some new ones I recently subscribed to are: Resonance Research, NYU Research, Eureka Facts, Perception Labs, Utest, Directive Analytics, Mforce Research, Acop Center

Also don’t forget to take a second and glance at the current research opportunities posted. I posted several studies today and will continue to do so every day so make sure you check the forum!

Don’t get discouraged- remember, its a numbers game and you can easily apply to a dozen opportunities and not qualify. You just have to keep adding more and jump on offers daily and over time they will pay off. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to post a message in the forum- take advantage while I still have time to respond. I am reaching max capacity with my brain capabilities so just keep that in mind 🙂


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