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By | November 15, 2014

$10 Cashout Limit
Pays W/Giftcards only
Superior customer support
Pros- Unlimited and Unique surveys. $.10 small credit on rejections.Customer support is fantastic.Rare but occasional in home product test offers.
Cons- Lower then average payouts. No Paypal or cash redemption

No Cashout Limit
Pays W/Check US SnailMail
Poor customer support
Pros- Short/Simple surveys some taking just 2-3 minutes for $1 payout
Cons- Customer support is horrible. Very few survey invites. I have been paid many times from this panel? but the support is horrendous so be careful!

$15 Cashout Limit
Pays W/Paypal
Average Customer Support
Pros- Unique surveys. Short, High paying
Cons- Very few survey invites

$5 Cashout Limit
Pays W/Paypal or GiftCards
Superior customer support
Pros-Interesting and wide assortment of surveys.
Cons- Horrible rejection rate. Some surveys wait 10-15 minutes before rejecting you. Be VERY selective. Some great opportunities but require a lot of time to qualify.

$30 Cashout Limit
Pays W/Check
Average customer support
Pros- They email about 3-5 high paying opportunities a month
Cons- High Cashout takes a long time to reach if just doing surveys. They offer a LOT of surveys but its imperative you are selective and only take high paying opportunities as most are low paying.

$5 Cashout Limit
Pays W/Paypal or Giftcards
Average customer support
Pros-Wide assortment of Surveys. Some really high paying if your selective.
Cons-High rejection rate. Very hard to get accepted to a survey. 5-10 minutes into a survey before rejection. Be selective

$5 Cashout Limit
Pays W/Paypal or Giftcards
Poor customer support
Pros- Several unique/high paying surveys each month.
Cons- High rejection rate. Very hard to get accepted to a survey. Most surveys are low paying so be selective.

$5 Cashout Limit
Pays W/Amazon GiftCards Only
Poor customer support
Pros- Surveys pre qualified so no rejections. This is a very unique survey experience and you need to visit the site weekly for new opportunities. Scientific studies which are quite interesting and very fair pay.
Cons- Customer support is lacking. Not enough opportunities

$9 Cashout Limit
Initial Payment w/check then Paypal thereafter
Average customer support
Pros- Numerous opportunities. Very similar to Amazon Turk setup. Tasks are ridiculously easy
Cons- Very low paying opportunities. Some of the offers can be scammy. Site doesn’t police enough and you can work without being compensated if not careful.

Making consistent money with Survey sites is very difficult. It sickens me when I see countless blogs boasting of earning $2-3000 with just a few hours of work a day- its no wonder people walk from this feeling scammed. The true value is how flexible you can work this job into your schedule or free time but its NO ROAD TO RICHES. The tease is you are offered dozens of opportunities but you can easily waste countless hours trying to qualify or just simply getting ‘tricked’ into spending 1 hour for $.50 payout. My current goal is to earn between $5-10 a day or $2-300 a month from these sites but this takes a lot of practice and patience to manage your efforts effectively. I cannot stress enough the importance of being selective. The effort you put into tying to qualify for a $.50 survey is the same as a $3.00 opportunity. No matter what your objective? I urge you all to sign up to Amazon Turk. Even the best Survey sites I list are simply complimentary to Amazon.  Keep your expectations real? and be VERY selective while always keeping in mind the time you spend while attempting to qualify for a survey. Every week my earnings slowly grow- and if you are serious about this you will find the same results as you learn to better manage your time while navigating all of these sites.


3 thoughts on “9 Additional Survey Sites

  1. Kay

    Since Paul is the one who got me started with this I am on all of these same sites. Here are a few tips I would add.

    1. If you are going to sign up for survey sites or GPT sites you should clear your cache and cookies between surveys and after visiting each site. If you don’t know how to do this for your browser you can get directions by googling your browser. You will get directions to set up Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

    2. If you sign up for any offers on these sites NEVER give out your real phone number as they will harass you mercilessly. Some people have suggested getting a throwaway phone to use when you must give out a phone number. I have not come up with the best suggestion yet but be aware that your phone will ring off the hook the more you put it down– even if they say they will not contact you. They do call. Grrr.

    3. Microworkers site– the jobs are extremely easy. Usually take less than 4 minutes to complete but you will get lots of junkmail. Clear cookies between jobs and use a new email about once a week. Also– I keep the email long enough to get paid and then unsubscribe from any site or product they had me sign up for. Be aware that if you unsubscribe before they get a chance to pay you won’t be paid. Most of the jobs need you to have your Facebook and Google+ and Youtube site set to public so they can verify that you completed the job. As Paul said some of the jobs lean towards scams so be very very careful. I have had to report a few jobs for massive spamming (emailing me more than 5 times per day)

    And my last piece of advice is that if you are signed up for a lot of survey sites (perhaps all of these and a few others) you will see repetitive surveys at these sites. Some sites do not notice or care that you are signed up at other GPT sites. Some of the sites will give you a msg saying that someone at your IP address has already taken their survey. This makes it harder to cash out from sites like Inbox Dollars and Send earnings. It takes longer to build up to the cashout amount with just the weekly survey and the fifty or so cents you earn reading emails each week. You can earn higher payouts for doing the offers but mostly those offers require a credit card or are a way to sign you up for the other survey sites.

    I do not have any idea how ANYONE can make $1000’s. Either they are lying or doing something dishonest or they have a lot of referrals. Also– referrals do not pay well unless that person is making a lot of money. Just getting the person to sign up is not enough. Most sites want that person to reach a certain level and most people give up before they get there.

    sorry this was so long.

  2. Greg Jones

    I started on SwagBucks last weekend. I thought that I had it figured out and would have cashed out a $5 Amazon card today…about 15 points away. I went to use the tool bar logo and had to log in. My account had been closed. No warning, no notice and still nothing from them They got paid for the ads that ran on everything that I did and stole the pennies on the dollar that they owed me. I wish an infestation of nasty anything upon them.


    1. paul Post author

      Mandowhacker- that is awful! I hope its just an error of some sort? SwagBucks is huge so it might take them 24 hours to get back to you but I am dying to know what they tell you- if you could share with us id greatly appreciate it. It has to be a misunderstanding- they are a huge source of extra cash for me id hate like hell to hear they treated you wrong it would be disturbing news to say the least.. The support there is pretty decent- but one issue I have had with them is they don’t seem to always understand simple things I ask but they try real hard.. Please update us- and my fingers are crossed for you that its just a error..

      The real dig when you run into issues is how hard you have to work for the money.. so its an added insult to get slighted..

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