8 Great Sites for Earning

By | June 28, 2014

Eight Great Sites for EarningI make quite a nice chunk of spare cash using various paid to perform task websites. I never had a single dime of referral credit in the year I have been earning online, but finally I decided it’s time to share all this work and all I ask is that you PLEASE click on my referral links and in exchange for the referral you can email me/ask questions here on the blog and I will share everything I know about each site so you can mirror what I do to maximize your earnings. I was skeptical and never wanted to rely on referral credit until I knew for a fact that this could be done. And it can be done. The only scam is when people make false promise about getting rich this way, but I’m happy just paying some bills, gassing my car and not paying for coffee or dinner/nights out.

BING – Bing has teamed w/Microsoft and they pay you to search. Bing is just one of about 10 search engines I use and get paid regularly for doing so.

CLIXSENSE – This site offers a lot of different ways to make money. Click on ads, watch videos, listen to the radio, take surveys, etc. Highly recommended.

SWAGBUCKS – Everyone should be on dwagbucks.. I use it for two things: Paid searches and paid video viewing for both my PC and iPhone. I pull in about $100 a month from Swagbucks and my earnings are consistent, which means I can rely on it to pay bills. A must.

QuickRewards – This site is my favorite survey site. They also have videos you can watch all day similar to Swagbucks (above). The owner is unusually friendly and in this business that alone is priceless. Highly recommend and look for a full review on this one in the near future!

MintVine – there are a LOT of paid survey sites. The biggest problem with surveys is you can spend great amounts of time trying to get approved and all those wasted 15 minutes/rejections add up. Mintvine pays you when you get rejected, but also they have a lot of focus groups and home studies where you can make $25-50 for your efforts. I was recently paid $30 to review a ‘Fridays’ menu change in a chat focus group for 1/2 hour. Well worth the effort : )

PerkTv – I call this my ‘pizza/Starbucks’ site, as Perk offers an app for your smart phone and it runs virtually on its own all day, if you want. I cash out my Perk rewards monthly. You can choose to receive cash but selecting a gift card will give you more value for your points. Perk picks up my pizza and Starbucks tab.

CashCrate – Another cool site that offers dozens of ways to earn. I use CashCrate mostly for the video and also listening to the radio. The radio pays you .06 per hour, but before you laugh do the math. I am at my PC for 15 hours per day, so each day that comes out to $.90, or $27 a month. Remember: it’s all about small earnings that add up. $27 here, $10 there, it all makes for several hundred at month’s end.

Inboxdollars – the only negative on this site is you need to reach $30 for cashout. I cash out about that amount each month the site has a LOT of offers, literally hundreds. They also give you a $5 signup bonus and every time I cashout they incentivize me with another $5 to start the next month with. I also get some home product trials from these folks.

If there is interest I will keep sharing. I have about 50+ sites that I use regularly: apps, product trials/testing, focus group websites. Just this last week I was paid $50 and given 15 packs of cigarettes to sample. I get paid to try underwear, shoes, toothbrushes, contact lenses, toilet paper, soap, cat food, you name it!

Stick around. I have lots to share. 

3 thoughts on “8 Great Sites for Earning

  1. Cynthia

    Beside Cashcrate and Swagbucks, do you know of other sites that pay out for listening to Radioloyalty? I’m very new to the GPT sites. I’ve been unemployed for two years, and have become desperate at this point to earn money. I have been using Swagbucks and Cashcrate for a short time. I asked about Radioloyalty because just today Swagbucks reduced their amount from three cents to two cents for 30 min. of listening. I thought maybe I could find another Radioloyalty site that pays more. Almost all the offers on Cashcrate say I have already done them (which I haven’t) or don’t pay out. I would say only about 25% of the activities I legitimately complete actually payout. Swagbucks is alright, but I literally spend over 14 hrs a day just to reach my 2nd goal. If you have any other sites you’d recommend or tips, please let me know. If you send me the referral links, I’d be happy to sign up through you. Thanks for your blog. 🙂

  2. paul Post author

    Hi Cynthia! Funny you mentioned that about Swagbucks? I started using them for Radio Loyalty because of the bigger payout? but it looks like it varies from week to week so I’m real upset about that.. Yesterday they paid me $.02, but then this morning? they are paying me $.04 which is really annoying.. Last week I was getting $.06 which was what I was hoping it would always be : (

    There are quite a few sites that offer Radio Loyalty. CashCrate is one- but lately? That site has really gone down hill so its not worth investing the time there. ClixSense is a great site? I do very well with the surveys there as well. LootPalace is another and they have the best payout on HyprMX videos so this site is a must check out if you like videos. InboxDollars, Gifthulk, Zoombucks. Unfortunately the payout seems to be the same across the board? So I would pick a site that has the most to offer you this way your not just using it for the Radio Loyalty but rather taking advantage of other offers. Whoops I almost forgot- FusionCash also offers it and this is a perfect example of a site that has quite a bit more to offer. In fact- FusionCash was one of my biggest earners last month for surveys so it would make sense to try and incorporate your Radio Loyalty with a site like Fusion Cash this way you reach the cashout level faster. Another thing to keep in mind (sorry! I never know when to shut up!) but QuickRewards Network? is another site that offers surveys and has Radio Loyalty? but they have no cashout limit! You can literally join the site today and cash out tonight for 10 cents. QuickRewards doesn’t offer the highest payouts? but aside from the no cashout limit? this sites owner is VERY personal and responds to all issues directly. Most GPT sites have horrendous support but QuickRewards has helped me countless times and its one on one support.

    If you like taking Surveys? I HIGHLY recommend a site called PineCone Research. Every survey pays $3.00 and takes about 15-25 minutes to complete. They also send you product samples from time to time. I just received an invitation link from them to offer folks that use my blog! It took me over 6 months to get accepted to this platform so I feel privileged they are offering this to my members. Its worth noting that I don’t make a dime off this referral? Pinecone is such a great site that just being able to offer blog members access to the platform is payment enough. I will be posting a message with this link but you are getting it here in advance because your timing was perfect : ( )


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