$50 Visa Gift Card 4 Mom’s of 3 months-4 years old children NY, NJ

By | August 17, 2019

Hi Moms!

I am a Mom and a market research professional.

We are looking to interview CA Mom’s of children aged 3 months-4 years old to get your opinion about an exciting new baby and toddler formula coming to market soon!

We are offering a $50 Visa Gift Card as a thank you for 10 minutes of your time!

We need to talk to Mom’s whose child/children drink formula or a nutritious drink regularly and who live a pretty healthy lifestyle. 

All telephone interviews are confidential, it’s not a sales call, and your address is only used to send you your $50 gift card!

Feel free to share with fellow Moms in CA. We’re also looking to interview Moms in NY as well, so if you have Mom friends or family in NY or CA that qualify please feel free to share.

If are you interested, please email me your name, phone number, age/s of children, and a few good times to talk to you! 


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