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By | May 16, 2015

Hey gang! Super quick post here. I have 2 resources I wanted to share that may be of value to some of you. One of them is the 20/20 Panel which many of you are probably already aware of. I realized I never mentioned the panel on the blog so better late then never. This is yet another in a growing list of Panels that sends you email invites directly and although you wont receive many opportunities?  when you do the pay is fantastic.  My friend Ashley at ContinuosCashIdeas recently posted one of their invites on Reddit offering $50 for cold and flu suffers.

Another I just discovered this week is a site called Watch Lab. This is a market research firm. I shared one of their online focus group opportunities this week and although I will share these studies as they come out? I also like to give blog members the site information so you can monitor them for opportunities. I find a lot of these sites don’t always email the opportunities so being aggressive and knowing where they are coming from can help give you an edge. They do offer a referral incentive but honestly folks at this point id rather just share it and not hassle everyone with all that. Like I have said many times in the past all I ask is you help spread the word about my blog. My main focus right now is to keep growing the site and as that happens? I will be compensated off banner adds if enough people visit. So just share the site whenever you can! It would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy the weekend!!!


Don’t forget to visit my new Focus Groups & Market Research forum. There are just too many studies to put out a blog post each time I find them so I will now start listing them daily in this database so don’t forget to bookmark the direct link and check several times a week.



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  1. Michele

    Paul: I have said it before and I will continue to say it, I appreciate all that you do to keep us informed of money making opportunities. Please share your referral code with us for Watch Lab. I haven’t joined that one yet so the very least I can do is join with your code. Happy to do it.


    1. paul2015 Post author

      Thanks Michelle! I think with these folks? They require that I actually give your email to them and they extend the invite to you.. Just too much trouble to deal with but lately I am shooting myself in the foot between Innopoll, and ouch Bright Ideas offering $20 for every 5 referrals and I sent them 500 subscribers for nada.. but I think over the long haul it will pay off because people will realize the information is sincere and the tips and ideas will make them money and they’ll keep coming back. I am thinking 2-3 years down the road and huge volume of readers and then the ad space and banners will pay off nicely.

  2. Janet

    Hi Paul,
    So far, I have been contenting myself and trying to keep busy with MTurk. I have done over 100 hits in 4 days with $60.00 accepted. I don’t even know if that is good. I have signed up with several others sites directly from your site, but they don’t seem as easy to understand as MTurk. Also, I worry about keeping track of all of them.
    My question is this: If you would suggest one other to start, which one would it be? I haven’t heard from any others and none of them seem to have lists that you can go to and choose. I’m sure I am missing big parts of this whole process, although I am trying to catch on. I’m so confused. I’m signed up for things that I don’t even understand.
    I work so hard on MTurk that I actually run out of things that I am qualified for and need to add to my possibilities. Baby steps! Thanks, Paul!

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Hey Janet! You did the smart thing by gravitating to Mturk above all others. Oddly enough? Most people cling to the nickel and dime sites and avoid Amazon. I personally started with the small sites and worked my fingers to the bone only to find Amazon 6 or so months after the fact. All of this is overwhelming and frustrating and its hard to approach it properly because so much of it is about time management and delegating out the various tasks so they compliment each other rather then take away your resources. I honestly wish I could create simple instruction PDF files? that was always my goal? but its so so so hard because even just doing this simple blog with all its horrid spelling and grammar I still find it hard to keep up with my tasks and earn while devoting time to this. I know it would be a huge help if I were to say for example break down simple guides.. Earn $100 a month following this.. or $50 a weekend doing this.. In the future? I would like to create a forum here on the blog.. I started a Reddit thread? but I am finding Reddit is more of a young persons site and its quite cold and unfriendly.. but trying to explain things and open dialogue here on the blog is very hard because the conversations get lost once the posts are a week or more older so its impossible to have constructive conversations. I have to somehow take this to the next level so we can all sit and accumulate wisdom and over time it will all click. It took me over a year before I actually had a structure to my day and thats when the earnings start increasing because you learn to manage the time.. and even to this day I STILL have to keep tweaking it and changing things..

      for now here is what I would do. Stick with Amazon primarily. You will find that as you cross certain thresholds? Youll suddenly get more work and those jobs will be higher paying. 500, 1000 hits is where it starts.. Once I hit 5000 completed hits? suddenly I was getting a much higher pay rate.. 10,000 hits? another bump… Another thing to do is make sure you try and branch out and do all sorts of hits. Over time the requesters will set the hits up so they are for specific types of workers.. So over time all of this comes together and you wont struggle as much in fact your biggest struggle will be which hits to take and which are boring/not worth it. So so so much of what you do on turk is about your performance being measured.. but as you prove yourself? the doors all start opening. Just takes so much time its brutal..

      My next focus would be to find a few places near you that pay for market research and focus group type work. This could be tough depending on where you live so I have an unfair advantage being in NJ. Go to sites like Quirks for example and search your area for local companies under market research or focus groups. These pay $75-150 typically for an hour of your time. You wont get a lot? but even just once or twice a month thats a nice hit! Product Testing is another.. For the last year I have been going to a company that tests lotions and sun screen products. Its safe but not very proud work and they apply lotions to my skin and see if there is a reaction. I earn about $150 a month doing that although some may not enjoy that kind of work and thats understandable. I also make about $200 a month sampling products like Coffee, Soft Drinks, Candy. I found a company literally right down the street from me that pays a $20 pre loaded card and I take about 10-15 minutes to taste frozen tv dinners and such and give my opinion. These are the easiest and best earners and youd be surprised they are just about everywhere you just have to look.

      As for online things? Join the sites that email you invites like TV Focus Group or Innopoll. You dont even need to keep a record of them or go to the sites.. Just visit one time, sign up? and they send you the invites. Its just not worth it joining all these survey panels that require you to go to the sites and try to qualify.. Just cherry pick the winners.. 20/20 panel? you probably wont ever hear from them except 2-3 times a year but when you do? its a $50 opportunity emailed to you! I would join? and forget they even exist until they email you.. Honestly right now? the only sites I actually waste my time going to are Mintvine, Fusion Cash, and PineCone emails me invites but most other survey panels are just a horrid waste of time.. MYView is another I visit quite a bit..
      Drop me an email sometime- I have an old gmail address I talk to quite a few bloggers from in spare time your welcome to write me and Ill lend you all the help I can.. This can all be very overwhelming but I going to Amazon Turk above all else was a smart move, its just frustrating because it takes time to build the account. Isolate not only the winners? but also what works for your schedule and what you find easy. PineCone only sends me about 3-5 studies a month but when I get it? I know that if I put 10 minutes aside? thats $3.. so every month without stress I earn maybe $10-15 from them but its simple and works perfect. Maybe $30 from Mintvine each month? Maybe $15-30 from Fusion? If you could find 5 solid ways to earn $20 a month thats $100.. on top of a few hundred from Turk.. throw in Radio Loyalty, Some paid to search sites.. Its tricky and overwhelming but you have to learn to manage the time based on your schedule.
      One last thing- when I put out a post on my blog? one really powerful thing for me is I can see who clicks on what.. It is SO interesting to me to watch what people cling to and what they discard.. but it clearly speaks volumes that everyone is managing their time and efforts.. It affords me the luxury of thinking hmmm, ok maybe there’s a reason they aren’t all flocking to this site.. maybe it ISN’T worth it.. There are times Ill post a site and only 1/8th of the users click on it.. other times the entire user base multiplied by 2 clicks on it which leaves me scratching my head! but its all about choosing what works.. nobody clicks on all of them.. they click on what works for them and they can manage and that’s the real key to success at this.
      These $100-150 online focus groups are very tempting.. but its also a tease because 95% of the time you wont get accepted.. I would only do those if you have free time and see the offer.. and when you try for those? go into it knowing its a crap shoot. It kills me because I run the blog? and I get emails from people saying they got accepted to this and that and here I am not getting a single one all month. VERY annoying.. but you take enough qualifiers? you will get accepted eventually and the pay on those are huge!!

  3. Aubrey

    Second time on this blog, first time was yesterday. I’ve been doing surveys for about a year, lately I’ve only been doing focus groups though, I make ALOT more money that way. Anyway,I stumbled across this blog somehow yesterday and I am very impressed with it! Great info. Really cool. Back
    Today to subscribe and made a small donation. Ill make more donations as long as the info stays solid. Thanks for your blog dude!

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