To Our New Members: Welcome, and an Invitation

By | August 17, 2017

Cool Work Ideas

How It All Started

Today I looked at the CoolWorkIdeas homepage and realized it’s been three years since the website was launched. Yes, it’s amazing how time flies but even more amazing is how my journey into the world of online earning has evolved and changed. I felt this was a great opportunity to explain to new folks just what the site is about and how best to use it so you can begin earning good money from the get-go.

CoolWorkIdeas (the website) initially started with a few simple online earners, such as paid surveys, videos, music reviews, and searches. From there, I discovered serious work platforms such as Amazon Turk, Microworkers, Prolific, Transcribing and usability test sites. Eventually, I found databases such as Quirks and Greenbook, which opened up a whole new world of opportunities for doing focus groups/market research studies in my locality. At this point, I realized there were a lot of research firms offering nationwide studies that can be done from anywhere in the US, via telephone, computer and/or Skype/webcam interviews. Currently, studies are among our juiciest earners.

While online earning is a full-time job for me, there are plenty of us who devote only a few hours per week or are simply looking for spare change. Essentially there is something for everyone here — my site will provide you with endless opportunities and you simply need to find your comfort zone and what works with your life/schedule.

An Open Invitation to Those Who Are Serious About Online Learning

The most valuable thing I learned about making money online is that it is constantly changing, and you must embrace that change. What works today may not work tomorrow. You have to be constantly on top of your opportunities while simultaneously communicating with other people and sharing ideas. Forget Reddit and other large forums because most folks that work online are reluctant to share their top earners, so this makes it extremely difficult to stay current. This is particularly true in regards to studies/focus groups, which represent some of our best earning opportunities. There are way too many mailing lists and groups on Facebook that rehash studies that are sometimes weeks old… I cringe when I get those emails and see studies that my group was applying for 1-2 weeks earlier. This is what lead me to start a private Facebook group for donating members. The ability to be on the cutting  edge when applying for studies or focus groups makes the donation system sustainable. People get into a studies? They kick back a donation.

What You See is What You Get… Only DAYS Ahead of Most Others

Almost everything you see on my website is taken from my private group and re-posted here for the public, several days after we discuss it, analyze it, and report back on our individual experiences. By time these opportunities are posted in the public group, we’ve already banked our earnings and moved on to new stuff. We are a community that supports each other and we do all we can to maximize each other’s earnings. I have assembled a large number of serious, smart workers and we discuss everything and anything related to making money online, literally 24/7 — it’s a priceless, non-stop flow of information.

So while the information on my public website is free, and extremely valuable, if you decide you want to get serious and take it to the next level, I welcome you to subscribe to my private group simply by donating to the blog. No, donations do not make me rich but allow me to put more time aside each day to finding information and managing the group. I can guarantee you that even if you spend 10 hours per day searching the internet on your own, you will find at best a tiny percentage of what thousands of eyes working together in a tightly-knit community will find and share each day. Don’t be like the legions of people who try online earning for a few days, only to quit in frustration when they see how little they’ve earned. There are great opportunities out there in the middle of all the scams and rip-offs, and my group knows how to find them.

Why I Put My Heart & Soul Into CoolWorkIdeas, Every Day

On a silly but also very real note, I just turned 50. Like many of us, I have had so many financial ups and downs in my life that I’ve lost count. Three years ago, while down on my luck, I started searching online for ways to make extra money. I often wonder why I never quit, because six months of constant research produced nothing but scams and garbage. I have a thick head, however, so I just kept searching and here we are, three years later, and I plan on doing this for the rest of my life. I probably work more hours than a typical 9 to 5er, but I have no boss, no set work schedule, no dress code, no commute, no office politics… you get the picture. The feeling of freedom I have is priceless, and I don’t think I can ever go back to a traditional job.

So take my word for it: online earning won’t make you rich, and it requires some hustling and discipline, but it’s real. You have an option to make a living or to pick up some beer money, all in ways not possible until very recently. I have made and lost small fortunes trading stocks and working in sales, but nothing I have ever accomplished compares to what I started here. It’s honest, it’s genuine, and anyone with a computer can start earning money immediately. I’m very proud of CoolWorkIdeas and, in particular, the group of hardworking, intelligent, and sharing souls that I have assembled. If you have any questions or for more information feel free to reach out to me




4 thoughts on “To Our New Members: Welcome, and an Invitation

  1. Michele

    Great post Paul. And for those of you considering joining the private page, it’s well worth it and any donation you make to Paul is appreciated. I have known him since the beginning, even before this blog, when he had another one. We would communicate online, sometimes on Saturday nights wondering if we were the only ones looking for work at that time and how funny it was because it appeared neither of us had a life. 🙂 Trust me, he is not getting rich from the donations but as he said, they do help him maintain this blog and both facebook pages. If you can’t manage to donate right now then send him a message telling him thanks, that’s appreciated also. But if you score a study that you learned about through him then consider sending him a token of appreciation.

    Love this post!

  2. Melissa

    Thank you for this website! I am a college kid who is just trying to make some extra income when I can. When I qualified for my first 2 studies and got my first $100, I was hooked. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to make these opportunities available for everyone. Even though I’ve only earned that $100 so far, that amount of money is nothing to sneeze at.

  3. Dan Nichols

    This is not a post, I am trying to reach an admin. I noticed you have a categories called ‘Nation Wide Studies’. It looks as if you go around the web finding these studies and posting them up. I think that is fantastic and i’d like to help you out! I am a Recruiter/Project Manager at VuPoint Research. I would like to send you updates on projects for you to post about. You get traffic and hopefully a larger ad revenue and i get respondents. Win win! Let me know if this might work out!


    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Dan – would love to touch base with you. Unfortunately the email address you left keeps coming back un deliverable. My email address is right on in this posting so if you know where to find me…


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