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By | January 29, 2017

Passing this along to members- Focus Pointe Global is a fantastic market research firm so when I saw the name attached to this new product research panel it was a must share : )

What is the Online Review Program all about?
Focus Pointe Global has been implementing monthly studies designed to generate online reviews on products. Very simply, the program places products (baby items, beauty items, clothing, furniture, toys, electronics, home goods, etc.) with individuals; these individuals use the product, go online, write an online review, and then keep the product as a thank you for their time.

Involvement in this panel means that you may participate in up to 4 online review studies per year. Not everyone will be chosen to participate, but becoming a member of this special panel and answering all questions puts you at a higher chance of being chosen for these studies. Panel participants have a responsibility to provide honest and quality reviews for the product received about a week after receiving the product. To provide a higher quality of reviews, you will also be expected to upload a photo to go with the review, showing how the item benefits you or how you are using the item.

Stars Product Use Research Experience





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