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By | August 31, 2016

Cross Media has once again opened their doors for people to join! If you are not familiar with Cross Media, essentially its a program run by Google where they compensate you to monitor the data on your desktop, smartphones and tablets.  Although the pay is quite low this is 100% passive meaning once you install it? You do absolutely nothing to earn the money. I have been part of the program for over a year and to be honest I forget its even there but when I do its a wonderful surprise because each week money is accumulating in my account. Google pays you $1 for each device and you are allowed up to 3.

They are once again accepting new members so I highly recommend joining the program.  The truth is? Google is tracking every move you make online. Every site you go to, every email you write- why not get paid for what they are going to take regardless? 🙂

Join The Cross Media Panel


3 thoughts on “Cross Media Panel

  1. Roger

    Yeah you are right about the pay, You would think as rich as Google is they would at least pay as much as the Smart Panel does and offer Paypal or a Visa gift care

  2. Paul Post author

    Yeah it is a shame but still its worth it given its passive.. I just forget about it and usually every 3-4 months it dawns on me to check the account. Pretty upset they don’t offer Paypal to be honest.. I harbor a lot of ill will towards Google- out of all the online work I have done the last 2-3 years? Google was one of only 3 that cheated me. They pulled my Adsense account and walked with a few hundred dollars.. Ill take their $2 a week for this passive earner but I despise the company to put it mildly : )

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