Google User Research Studies

By | June 30, 2016

Quick share here folks- Google is looking for participants to test new products/features online. Compensation varies but typically paid with Cash reward or Gift Card.  Also worth noting you do NOT need to be a computer guru- they are simply looking for internet users to provide honest real life feedback. The sign up form unfortunately is quite long so just be prepared to give 15-20 minutes but its worth the investment if we get some work out of it : )


User research studies help us improve Google products by allowing us to get feedback directly from our users (that’s you!)

During a study we may present you with and gather your feedback on an existing product, a new feature, or even prototypes. We may also interview you about particular daily habits or ask you to keep a log of certain activity types over a given period of time. Study sessions can happen at a Google office, in your home or business, or online through your computer or mobile device. Afterwards, you’ll receive a token of our appreciation for your cooperation. Sharing your experiences with us helps inform our product planning and moves us closer to our goal of building something you’ll love.


Google Usability Signup 

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