Fieldwork NRC is looking for men & women 25-65

By | February 19, 2016

Hey folks!!! Had a free minute or two and just received a fantastic invite for a 4 day, Nationwide online bulletin board study from Fieldwork NRC. Fieldwork is one of my favorites!!! Problem is? A LOT of other people also realize how good they are so I wanted to put this out as a blog/email alert so my members get a jump on everyone before it makes the rounds on Facebook over the next hour : )

Takes about 3 minutes to fill out the pre screen. Its nationwide and can be done at home- the pay is fabulous so jump on it and good luck!  & don’t forget? I rarely send out email alerts on these so you absolutely need to visit the forum when you have free time- we are REALLY cranking and dozens of blog members are sharing throughout the day so if you aren’t already following the forum? You really need to see just how far it has come. Thank you to everyone for sharing- we are exactly where I dreamed we would be when starting this site and believe me its only going to get better!!!

Fieldwork NRC is looking for men & women 25-65 yearsof age, to participate in a 4 day online bulletin board.Qualified individuals will receive an incentive of $200 (Prepaid Visa Card) after they have completed the study.

If you pre-qualify, based on your answers to the questions in the prescreen (link below), one of our recruiters will contact you to check your availability as well as ask a few more questions to determine if you qualify, fully.  If you are interested, please click on the URL below or paste it into your browser, to determine if you pre-qualify.

No sales involved, ever!








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