Monthly Archives: September 2015

Perk TV For Browsers :)

For all you Perk fanatics this is actually really cool. Perk is finally available on a PC Browser. I am curious to see how it runs and how much the pay adds up. Check it out!!!

Chump Change W/Survey Panels

There was a period over the last 9 months where I practically stopped taking surveys except for the larger invites from top research firms like TV Focus Group, LiveWire, Brand Institute, 20/20 Panel etc etc.  Towards the end of the summer however I started to revisit the smaller sites and thought now would be a… Read More »

Reward Rack – Get Paid To Watch Streaming Content

Hey folks! Just a quick share here!!! A few months back I tried to join a site called Reward Rack. basically they offer paid-to-watch video similar to Swagbucks Ncrave. Since I am at my computer quite a bit it only makes sense to have video streaming even if it only earns 3-5 a day.  They… Read More »

Work At Home Transcription Jobs

Thought this was interesting from our friends at Focus Forward : ) Focus Forward currently has an amazing work-at-home opportunity as a transcriber. This is a 100% work at home opportunity! Transcription is a virtual, independent contractor position with exceptional rewards: Spread the Word! Qualified candidates must have: Broadband internet access Microsoft Word & Excel… Read More »