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By | July 11, 2015

Sure has been a while since I talked about survey sites so I felt a slow Saturday morning would be a good opportunity to talk about how I approach these now. Clearly my focus has been on other more profitable ways to spend my time but if you approach these the right way you can in fact earn a few extra dollars.

There is clearly no shortage of survey platforms and trust me I have tried most of them. One nightmare for me is remembering when I first started trying to make money online I would see dozens of sites with hundreds of surveys but no matter how much time I committed? I could never earn $15+ a day. Blogs raving about earning $500 a week pushing the flawed thinking to join as many as you can and your earnings will be unlimited. Absolute bunk and hype- the truth is you will spend all day constantly getting disqualified after 10 minutes, crediting issues, lack of customer support when something went wrong etc etc. Trying to make big money taking surveys will ultimately lead to you walking away from all of this calling it a scam. You can make more money in 3-4 days on Amazon Turk taking surveys then you can all month spending 15 hours a day on traditional survey platforms. Nobody will tell you this because Amazon doesn’t offer a referral program, most traditional panels do.

Joining dozens of survey sites will do nothing but waste more of your time and energy. Applying this thinking to traditional panels does NOT work and I cant stress that enough. Apply this strategy to market research firms that email you invites and you will start making real money. Sites like InnoPoll, TVFocusgroup, BrighIdeas, LiveWire, 20/20Panel, GSB Lab, Accelerant, BrandInstitute, Esearch, WatchLab, etc etc. You take 5 minutes initially to sign up and they send you personal invites every few months. These are the sites you want to keep joining- the more you add? the more invites you will receive that are specifically aimed at your profile and if you don’t qualify for an invite? It NEVER takes more then 2 minutes to be disqualified. The hourly pay rate is extremely generous and they treat you with respect. These are reputable Market Research firms & there is big money in this business but its critical they receive quality data.

Pick a few winning survey platforms and avoid the rest. Once you isolate the winners? You then must approach them properly. Even the best sites will steal your time and frustrate you if you let them. Don’t waste hours on these sites! Instead pick the highest paying opportunities. Spending 10 minutes trying for a $.5 survey is throwing your time away but if Fusion Cash has a $2-3 survey? Its worth trying to qualify. Same thing with MintVine. These sites can be fantastic but if you force it and spend hours on the site you just defeated the purpose. Inbox Dollars has horrible surveys that take huge amounts of time for little pay but 2-3 times a month? they send me an email invite for high paying opportunities. Those are all I take- I never go to that site trying to find a survey. Let them send me the winners and pay me for my time. Opinion Site is a new one that sends me invites and so far its a winner. MyView is a personal favorite of mine. YourWord is relatively new but so far it has my attention. Opinion Outpost has some fantastic surveys but unfortunately they are notorious for stealing 15 minutes of your time only to tell you sorry, you didn’t qualify. PineCone is one of the best hands down. They are consistent, professional, $3 for 10 minutes of your time and they send tons of freebies which you also get paid to try. VERY hard to get into the panel but worth the effort. See forum post and use this link to my friends site that offers a signup link.

One last note about Survey Panels. You will find that each site is different and what works for one person may not work for another. If you are married or single, young or old- all of this matters. For me a huge factor is to concentrate on sites that have fantastic customer support and believe me most of them do NOT, in fact on some sites if you complain they tell you to unsubscribe. You can look at some of my past posts regarding survey sites to see opinions on which offer quality support. This is a HUGE factor for me. See Top 6 survey sites and 9 more survey sites posts for more. I need to update these lists so just use these to determine the customer support aspect.

Sorry- long winded post. I tend to ramble because I am very passionate about what I do. I worry less about grammar and sentence structure nor do I care if everything looks picture perfect and professional. If you came here for that? there are plenty of other blogs that will impress you with perfection. I am a hard worker and relying on all these sites to earn money. I am not a writer, I have poor grammar and spelling and I spend zero time making the site look flashy and professional but I can guarantee you one thing- every site I share, every tip and idea given, you can mirror the results I am getting. Its honest and sincere. Later this year I will be fixing up the blog to accommodate the increasing views and add a more professional touch but for now all I promise or care about is sharing honest data. This blog is about real information and I have no desire to spend hours trying to gloss it up or create eloquently written posts. Who has time for that?  Its bad enough I tend to be long winded but you have to tolerate that because there is a lot of valuable information hidden in these rambles.

Thanks Gang!


7 thoughts on “Survey Platforms – My Honest Opinion

  1. Ashley

    Really great tips Paul! There is nothing more frustrating and stressful than wasting your time on panels that don’t pay when you are trying to make money to pay your bills.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Hi Ashley!! I sure have reduced the number of survey sites I use. Just got so tired of the games. Id rather spend all day tying for market research/online focus groups all day even though its very hard to qualify? at least when you qualify the payout is huge.

      I am going to lose a lot of the outside work I do once I move. A few I will be able to keep because the payout is worth taking the extra drive but some of the low paying easy once I have to cut and those add up after a while. I plan on getting a web cam but waiting till I move because I also need to get a new computer at that time.. never ends but hoping the web cam will afford me a little extra work.

  2. Ashley

    The webcam should help. I’ve done several one-on-one focus groups via web cam. They are my favorite. I really don’t like the groups where you have to log in to a message board and answer questions for 2 or 3 days. Web cam groups take very little work (all you have to do is show up for the interview and answer questions). They usually last 30 to 60 minutes and the pay is usually the same as the 3 day message board focus groups.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      You got it Laura! actually in a few days I hope to find some time to add just a little bit more to this post. Ill probably put it in the discussion forum under the same title. I wanted to explain a little more in detail about how you can spot which surveys are not even worth your time. So for example you may get an invite via email from Mintvine and there are certain ones like ‘Samplicious’ which are notorious for taking your time and data before they give you the boot. Whenever I receive invites from Fusion, Mintvine I can easily identify the good from bad opportunities the second I click the link and I don’t even bother filling them out anymore they are just that bad. I LOVED Clixsense for the longest time and now its just endless disqualifications its not worth my time.

      Its actually easy to spot believe it or not. I just had one from Fusion Cash for Food.. and I clicked on it and sure enough the first few pages of questions were asking about my job and how many employees are there and how much do they bring in yearly with sales. They bait you with the promise of a $3 food study and then outsource you to a random survey which usually just steals your time OR if you are unfortunate enough to qualify you find out the pay is $.50 for 30 minutes. Far from the $3 / 10 minute food study I was responding to.

      Sadly in this business its hard to find respect.. I usually do real well with outside work? but today I had an appointment at a certain ‘someplace’ in Fair Field and of course I struggled to get there because its a very busy day for me? and they claimed I was not on the list.. So I just happened by pure coincidence to know the study was today at this time but was never called or booked for the study..Yeah.. thanks guys. Will be sure to share that experience you can bet on that 🙂

      Only reason I am holding back is they owe me some money.. Once I get that ill be sure to share that experience because nothing and I mean nothing upsets me more then having my time wasted.

  3. Silvana

    I’m new to this, just a couple of weeks. I’m reading about junk panels. is there any way you can list the ones you feel are not worth it. I only have a couple of hours per day to devote to this and I’ve signed up for quite a few. now my inbox is full everyday and i can’t possibly keep up with them. i need to start eliminating some. can any one advise on which ones are not worth the time and effort? thanks in advance.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Welcome to our world Silvana!!! 🙂 Before you do anything? Make certain you take a second to read this post and scroll down to the portion titled ‘Email Survey Invites’. Go to all of those sites and fill out your profile which shouldn’t take more then a few minutes. You wont receive a lot of emails from them but when you do? They will be the best paying opportunities in the business. As I am writing this I just received an Invite from 20/20 panel and its a $75 paying study. Like I said- you wont receive a lot of emails? but these sites are where you get the most for your time. Priceless sites to be a member of!

      The next site you absolutely want to join is PineCone. They wont flood you with invites? but whats great about them is whenever you receive an email invite? Its specifically targeted to your profile so there is no qualifying. Its a guaranteed $3 for a study that takes maybe 10-15 minutes. PineCone is the crown jewel of the survey platforms and they are extremely reliable and the icing on the cake is they even send you quite a few free samples which they pay you another $3 to do a follow up survey shortly after. I don’t have a signup link for them so just go to my friend Bridgets blog and you will find a link you can use to sign up. You wont hear a negative word about PineCone its a must!

      The emails from the sites like Mintvine, Fusion Cash, Inbox Dollars can really be annoying and a lot of them are really not worth your time. The best rule of thumb is to ignore anything that isn’t offering a fair pay out. I delete 90% of the invites I receive and trust me you will have enough of the larger paying ones to keep you occupied. Over time you start to learn how to spot the good from the bad- its almost an art you need to learn but you want to make sure your using what little time you have as wisely as possible. There is certainly some garbage out there and it can quickly put a bad taste in your mouth and force you to walk away from this thinking its all a waste of time. We have a really good group of people here and make sure you don’t hesitate to post in the forum with any questions- people will be eager to help you because we all feel your pain of being new and overwhelmed. Give it some time! You found a world on the internet most people don’t know exist and with a little effort you will get up to speed quickly and although you wont get rich with this? I can assure you its not hard to put a few hundred bucks in your pocket each month if you get in with the right sites.

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