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By | July 31, 2015

Ok this deserves a blog post. Earlier this week I took part in a survey from one of my favorite Survey Platforms MyView. This was an unusually long survey but the pay was $10 which is quite a rarity even for the best panels. Lots of bubble questions and frustrating but the progress bar made it to 90 and suddenly the dreaded ‘Sorry, You did not qualify’ message appeared. The look on my face when I saw a credit of 100 MyView rewards instead of 10,000 you can imagine. Had this been many other panels? I would have absolutely no hope of getting back my time or data but if you have read my ramblings about survey sites before you’d know I praise MyView for having fantastic support although I realized for $10 they may not budge. I wrote them a support ticket? and in 3 days my account was credited for the $10.

There was a time when I had 4-5 dozen or possibly even more survey panels I was working. That number has shrunk and I actively use less then a dozen now if even. Errors like this are too common and most sites have horrible customer support so you have to grin and deal with it. MyView has consistently proven beyond a doubt they are a top Panel. You can make money with quite a few survey panels but I can assure you frustration and huge amounts of time will also be wasted thanks to errors and disqualifications after 10-15 minutes. There are just too many other ways to make money and until people stop slaving over the inferior sites they will continue to push junk. Its that simple.  MyView, MintVine, PineCone (Clicking on Pinecone will take you to Bridget’s blog where you will find a signup!) are the top 3 sites you can make decent money and also have awesome support. Surveys are a frustrating way to try and make money so having that support is so critical.

As I was just about to send this I received an email from a site that for some reason I never mentioned on the blog!  Shugoll Research. They have a study on Government Websites paying $45.00 and you can access this study HERE. I also suggest after you fill out the screener that you sign up for future invites. I will refrain from posting this in the forums until later this evening so Subscribers get first crack at it. Good luck folks!!!

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    Sorry Folks- had to fix the link for Shugoll Research. You can click on it now to go to the signup page 🙂

    always rushing… its that new Stabucks Via coffee whew!

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