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By | July 13, 2015

Good morning folks! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!!

Very slow out there the last few days as the summer is now in full swing. I have an extremely busy week with studies that require me to be on location so I will try and keep up with any online opportunities as best I can. Keep in mind that I tend to only share nationwide opportunities in the forum, so if you have free time its always smart to check the various sources I use to see if there is anything specific to your City/State. Given how slow it is? I wanted to share some opportunities that have recently been posted on Focus Forwards twitter feed. Jump on these fast! Takes about 2 minutes to fill out the pre screens. As always its a numbers game so don’t be discouraged and keep filling out those questionnaires. It WILL pay off trust me. Invest a few minutes each day trying to qualify is well worth it!

NATIONWIDE – $100 for a 30 minute phone interview July 13-July 15. For people will full time jobs. This was just posted this morning.

Also see 2 more posted late on Friday that are still actively seeking participants:

Famales/30 minute phone interview $75  

Male/Female / 1 hour phone and web interview $150


Don’t forget to visit these regularly for local opportunities!


Focus Forward

Focus Pointe Global

SIS Focus Groups






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