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By | July 29, 2015

In a rush but wanted to share this!  I joined the database of this Market Researcher and received an excellent invite for an online focus group opportunity just minutes ago. I would add these folks to your list if you have a few minutes to fill out the online profile. As is the case with most of these larger opportunities you wont be flooded with tons of opportunities but when they send them they are fantastic paying and well worth the time of establishing yourself in the database. This study requires a webcam so just be aware of this.

Webcam Study

Link to sign up for database


They have a referral program but honestly not sure how the link attaches my name to the program. If they ask you can use the website Coolworkideas as the referral and I would appreciate that. This obviously wont be enough for them to enter me personally into the program however it would be nice for them to see our site is mentioning them. That is a bigger concern to me then any referral program 🙂  Thanks Folks and Good Luck!!!


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