Focus Forward Pet Study – $175

By | July 23, 2015

Had some free time and saw this fantastic study being offered by Focus Forward and decided to put it out as a blog post. Hoping some of us get in!  The summer always slows down quite a bit but don’t be discouraged. Remember, this is a numbers game and it can be VERY frustrating filling out the pre screens and never hearing back. Quite a few subscribers got into a fantastic Facebook study and although I was jealous they didn’t accept me? It was great to see the comments especially one of our core members Michelle who was long over due to land a nice one. Just keep applying and also don’t forget I only share nationwide studies! but if you go to the various sites you will find quite a list of local opportunities. Its just impossible for me to share all of those but trust me they are out there. See the Forum for more opportunities posted daily!


Focus Forward Pet Study

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