Cool Work Ideas Recap – July 19, 2015

By | July 19, 2015

The summer is now in full swing and unfortunately for us this means our online work opportunities slow down dramatically. All we can do is keep searching and hope we find the few decent opportunities that are offered. There still is a rather steady supply of market research & focus group opportunities surfacing daily so whenever you see one posted jump on it fast and keep your fingers crossed! Keep in mind that some of the studies I find don’t apply to me personally. I do my best to take part in as many of the studies posted as possible but if you find an opportunity on the site and its not nationwide or requires you to be in a specific area please comment about it so I can remove or make a note on the study? There are instances where the descriptions are vague or misleading and I hate to waste peoples time like that. I do my best to screen for only nationwide online opportunities but some manage to fool me especially if its something that doesn’t apply to me specifically and therefore I don’t fill out the questionnaire. VERY easy to be fooled too- look at this recent study I shared only to find out it was a spam from Isay which leads to a site they set up to recruit for their panel. Extremely misleading and there was in fact no study attached to it, just a signup for their survey platform. I need to screen these better especially given that I hate supporting sites that mislead people.

I wanted to also take a moment to set the record straight on a post I made earlier this week regarding Data Intelligence. I was quite upset because I was applying for a study they offered and was taken back by the 10-15 minute pre screen. I wrote them regarding the incident and was livid when they shut my account down. I was ready to throw them under the bus and jumped the gun condemning them only to find out a day later my account was re-instated and it was a misunderstanding. I do need to be mindful that when condemning a site I am careful to exhaust all the facts before jumping on my soap box especially true since I have an audience that shares in this information. Data Intelligence offers some extremely well paying studies and is not a scam site. I do despise long screeners but in all fairness if a research company is offering a study that has a fantastic payout it is important to be mindful of this and weight whether your time is worth it or not. They have been re-added to my arsenal and I will be mindful in the future to wait before jumping to judgement.

Below are some great shares in case you missed them:

Amazon Turk has been surprisingly busy this summer. This is one of my biggest earners so delighted is a word that comes to mind. See Amazon Discussion in the forums for bits of information but more importantly if you use Turk be certain you have MturkList helping you find hits. Cant stress this enough!

Insights Focus– Just started with this one recently. Keep this on your watch list and join their mailing list if you have a second. So far I haven’t qualified but the offers they sent out look very appealing and eventually I will qualify and talk more about them. Pre Screens are very short 1-2 minute questionnaires.

EngageStudies– Another new find. Same as above- a few great looking invites but so far no luck. If you have any experiences with these new comers please share! As always I will update as soon as I actually qualify and receive a payment.

EveryDay Family– found this on Survey Police website. Excellent site for Moms and those expecting.

ScreenWise Trends– Achieved my first cashout! Not a lot of money? but effortless and about as passive as they come. $25 is $25 and I was surprised they also offer occasional surveys typically 5-10 minutes for a $1. Fantastic little panel to be a part of.

MindSwarms– May have mentioned this in the past but a fantastic share worth looking at.

Dial Rewards– Another great share! Thanks Bridget!

Acurian Health– Allergy studies. Have worked with these folks before- they offer various paid treatments for various ailments.

Anon Diabetes Study– Type 2 diabetes study

High School Students Needed– Put your kid to work w/this study

Paid Relationships Study– Earn up to $100

$500 Media & Blogging Interview– Thanks for sharing this Katy!


Remember to keep checking the forum daily- Even on slow days I manage to find a few opportunities worth applying for. Thanks folks!


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