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Paid usability study ($100): Texting while driving

OK folks its been a long day and I am tired BUT I just ran into this interesting online opportunity and since its time sensitive I thought it warranted sending out a quick email alert. Hope someone snags this!!! We are looking for 10 people to participate in a 30 min Skype usability study. To… Read More »

EarnHoney GPT Site

I finally found another passive earner I want to share with everyone. This wont be a huge earner by any means and it certainly wont be for everyone? but the site is called EarnHoney and it looks to be an excellent source of passive income that requires little to know nursing throughout the day. The site… Read More »

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OpinionPlus and L&E Research

Just a quick update regarding this new Panel I recently wrote about OpinionPlus. Finally received 2 invites this week and qualified for 1 quick $3 survey that took about 10 minutes. There is a $10 cash out level which I am eagerly waiting to hit because I want this panel to prove itself. VERY similar to… Read More »

University of Michigan Study

This is a very selective study for anyone with a child between 15-18. I posted it in the forums the other day and noticed this morning its still being advertised in quite a few places online which means they are not finding participants. Should be very easy to qualify for if you have a child and can… Read More »

FindParticipants Market Research

Good Morning!  Not certain why I never mentioned FindParticipants before but this is another fantastic market research firm to add to your growing list. The other morning I shared a short study from them in my new Forum which paid $10. The one thing to be aware with these folks is quite a few of the… Read More »