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SwagBucks – Earn Double SB On Encrave

Good morning folks! Sorry to send out so many emails the last few days? but a wonderful person shared this heads up earlier today and for anyone that earns daily with SwagBucks? This is HUGE news and certainly warrants sending out an immediate heads up. Hey Swaggernauts, we have some bad news. Our team member… Read More »

Cool Work Ideas Recap – June 28, 2015

Busy week!  Hope this message finds everyone doing great! Just wanted to post a recap of some important tidbits. Very important folks!  if you are using a site and its confusing and you need some help? or maybe you have tips to share?  Take full advantage of the forums and ask away!  Remember- I don’t… Read More »

Paid usability study ($100): Texting while driving

OK folks its been a long day and I am tired BUT I just ran into this interesting online opportunity and since its time sensitive I thought it warranted sending out a quick email alert. Hope someone snags this!!! We are looking for 10 people to participate in a 30 min Skype usability study. To… Read More »

Cool Work Ideas Recap – June 21, 2015

Another month is almost over! June has been a particularly good month for me however most of the work has been on location product testing and opinion giving which makes my online efforts suffer. That’s OK though because outside opportunities not only pay well but are also pretty darn exciting!  Anyhow, I found some free time… Read More »

EarnHoney GPT Site

I finally found another passive earner I want to share with everyone. This wont be a huge earner by any means and it certainly wont be for everyone? but the site is called EarnHoney and it looks to be an excellent source of passive income that requires little to know nursing throughout the day. The site… Read More »

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Survey Invite Panels

The last few days have been somewhat slow for me but I wanted to remind everyone to make sure you take a few minutes to subscribe to these email invite panels. This adds up folks- all week I kept getting invites. With an average pay of about $3 for 10 minutes work its well worth… Read More »

OpinionPlus and L&E Research

Just a quick update regarding this new Panel I recently wrote about OpinionPlus. Finally received 2 invites this week and qualified for 1 quick $3 survey that took about 10 minutes. There is a $10 cash out level which I am eagerly waiting to hit because I want this panel to prove itself. VERY similar to… Read More »