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By | May 11, 2015

I am sure most of you already have TVFocusGroup in your tool chest but as I’m sitting here organizing all the data that’s piling up on the blog I realized this one is buried in a few post and a reminder might be in order. TVFocusGroup is yet another site where you fill out a quick profile and wait for them to email you invites. The surveys are usually about 5-10 minutes long, extremely interesting and pay anywhere from $20 and up. An absolute must have even if they don’t send a lot of invites. We need more of these but it certainly is the new trend which I am sure will continue. High pay for quality responses. A win win for everyone involved!


6 thoughts on “TVFocusGroup Email Invites

  1. paul2015 Post author

    Definitely jump on this one Jennifer! I forget I have it and then out of the blue they will send an invite. Usually its a 5-10 minute study where they show you a few new products and ask you for your opinion. They pay 1-2 weeks later with an Amazon gift card and its about the easiest money you will ever make!

  2. paul2015 Post author

    I never received a product to sample from them unfortunately. I really do wish I could find more like that? I get a lot from Pinecone and I feel like a little kid again ripping apart the box to see whats inside : ) I have a hard time finding sites that offer product testing because so much of whats out there is garbage spam that’s just collecting names and addresses but Ill bet there are quite a few its just like everything else, you have to dig and wade through all the garbage before you find the real stuff.

  3. Jennifer

    I love getting that Pinecone box. I seem to get a bit from Opinion Outpost and Survey Savvy, too. It would be fun to try out these “as seen on TV” products. I’ll take an easy 20 bucks though.

  4. paul2015 Post author

    I need to start using Opinion Outpost again. I always make great money with them but what kills it is when you ultimately get hit with one of those ‘sorry, you did not qualify’ after 15 minutes working on a survey.. Usually if I complain to customer service they will credit me but it always derails me when I get burnt like that I hate it so much.

    I keep saying $20 on the TV Focus Group but its actually $25.. that $5 extra is like gold – cant leave that out : )

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