Monthly Archives: May 2015

MturkList – For Serious Amazon Turk Workers

Amazon Turk is still one of my best online earners. I have been doing it for so long I honestly overlook it for the most part and rarely talk about the site or share tips. I forget how hard it was initially learning all the tricks to increase your hourly pay rate such as what… Read More »

Focus Forward & Plaza Research

Hey Folks!  Just a quick mention here. Focus Forward is a Market Research firm which deals in both local and nationwide market studies. I have been sharing quite a few of their invites? and felt it was finally time I dedicated a post to them now that I have had a few months to really see… Read More »

Plaza Research Allergy Study – $150

Plaza Research has been very reliable so always a pleasure to share these with subscribers. You have to note which study you are applying for- you will see there are two nationwide studies being done from the Plaza office in Florida. There is one for Lung Cancer but the one that I applied for is… Read More »