Focus Forward & Plaza Research

By | May 7, 2015

Hey Folks!  Just a quick mention here. Focus Forward is a Market Research firm which deals in both local and nationwide market studies. I have been sharing quite a few of their invites? and felt it was finally time I dedicated a post to them now that I have had a few months to really see what they are about. Web Cam studies, Telephone interviews, Online forums- these folks are huge. I also noticed over the last few weeks they have been sending me survey invites ranging from $1-5 in pay, which I had no idea they offered. I will continue to share the larger paying studies mostly because these are time sensitive so when I see something offering $75-150 it warrants sending out an alert but I highly recommend you subscribe directly to the site. They called me today regarding a study that wasn’t even posted online and although I wasn’t a fit for the study? It became clear these folks are winners and worth taking them to the next level. Very similar to Inspired Opinions, FG Global, SIS International (Still deciding on the value of SIS). Funny as I was writing this a friend wrote this post on Reddit today which is worth reading. Great minds think alike : )

On that note!?? Another one I have personally done both In home and On location work for is Plaza Research. Not sure why I never wrote up a post on these folks? but I should have..  They offer both local and nationwide studies and are an extremely professional organization. If they have a satellite office in your city take full advantage!  if not? that’s fine because they offer tons of online opportunities and they are very legit. Its one thing for me to endorse a site simply because I worked for them and received payment? but when I can actually visit the office and see them in action it takes it one step further. I look forward to working with these folks in the future whenever possible.



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