Monthly Archives: April 2015

SliceThePie Worth Visiting Again?

SliceThePie is where it all started for me folks. I was having a rough time financially therefore I lived on Craigslists selling my belongings and looking for odd jobs under Gigs each day. Someone posted the link to their referral for SliceThePie and it caught my attention. Just like everyone else I thought task sites were… Read More »

SwagBucks & More…

Hey Everyone! Long winded post here but some good bits of information if you have the time. I know lately I have been focusing heavily on higher paying opportunities such as research panels, focus groups and  survey invites, but I doubt ill ever stop looking for a few extra dollars on the lesser paying task sites like… Read More »

3 Day Online Discussion Board – $150

Suddenly getting a lot of opportunities to try qualifying for so lets jump on them! 3 day  Online Discussion  forum from our friends at Focus Forward. You know the drill by now!  2 minute questionnaire and then cross your fingers. Also in case you didn’t see this posted on Reddit? Ashley posted this a bit earlier… Read More »

Online Telecom Focus Group – $125

Hi Folks! Hope this message finds everyone having a great week so far?  Trying out yet another new market research firm in my never ending quest for more opportunities. This study is for an in home focus group related to your telecom provider. Hope we see a lot of opportunities from these folks and remember to… Read More »

Laundry Detergent Study & Product Test – $150

Laundry Detergent study. Why not, right?  : )  take the  quick 2 minute SCREENER and keep your fingers crossed. Study is a combination of in home usage of the product and also online assignments. Good luck folks! When: April 24th through May 22nd What: Testing laundry detergent and completing online activities Incentive: Up to $150 depending on… Read More »