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By | March 10, 2015

A few months back a subscriber/friend pointed me in the direction of a site called UserTesting which I made a short mention of here.

Sadly up until this weekend? I was unable to really dig into the site because I made a huge and costly mistake, I failed my first test! The site looked so promising I was eager to get started. I never had a need for a microphone on my PC so I quickly went to my favorite online store NewEgg and purchased one. In all honesty? I had a nasty flu that week and felt so awful I even stopped working my Amazon Turk account which has never happened before regardless of holiday or sickness but I was so eager to see if they would really pay me $15 for visiting and commenting on a website I jumped on it. Long story short? I was pressing the on/off button thinking it was similar to an old CB Radio (yes, I’m showing my age now…) and turns out I was wrong and my work was rejected. I wanted to share this story because what followed was about 6 weeks of being shut out from a fantastic work at home opportunity and boy was that frustrating! I begged customer support and the response was ‘try real hard on your next test and that will improve your score‘. Unfortunately, I kept that browser open for almost 2 weeks and didn’t receive a single invite. My rating was 3 stars with the highest you can achieve being 5. I found out the hard way if you have a 3 star rating your account is DOA. I finally screamed loud enough that they agreed to bring me to 4 stars which has now enabled me to receive some work and start boosting my ratings but let this be a warning to folks- These rating systems can really ruin a good thing and lets face it, most of these sites have horrible customer support so good luck trying to explain your unique situation to anyone. Amazon Turk has various measurements but I find it to be quite fair because there is an abundance of work and you can always prove yourself to be a valuable worker. With User Testing? It was one strike and your out.. This site has tremendous potential! but heed my warning and take the utmost care initially until you get a buffer of some successful tests. I was at the point where User testing asked if I wanted my account cancelled in fact I believe having a blog is the only reason they eventually listened. These sites are flooded with users, the margins they work with are very low and they simply don’t have the word customer in their dictionary. Just a sad reality you discover when working online. Ultimately the folks at User Testing took care of me and all things aside? I highly recommend trying this site but just do everything in your power to keep your ratings spotless or your work will vanish and I mean vanish : 0

While I was banished from working UserTesting I explored these sites and will be reporting back on them shortly. This is apparently big business and a huge thanks to Onnonnon for introducing me to this world!



WhatUsersDo / UK only

3 thoughts on “Usability Testing Sites

  1. Onnonnon

    I got a 1 star review from Usertesting once, and since I already had several 4 and 5 star reviews, the customer service agreed to wipe it from my record within a few days. Did you eventually get one to completion?

    Looking forward to checking out these new links, thank you!

  2. Bridget Berliner

    i have been doing usertesting for a couple months and my problem is NO ONE rates me! i have done over 15 tests and only 2 have submitted a rating–1 gave me 5 and 1 gave me 4 so i sit at a 4.5. i get SO nervous each test though that i am going to screw up or get tongue tied and my score is going to drop. right now though it’s pretty easy paypal money. i haven’t tried a mobile phone test yet–that’s my next goal!

    1. Onnonnon

      I have very few ratings as well. Rating the testers is not a requirement for the requestors but as long as the ones that do rate you rate you high you’re good. For some reason I can’t get the mobile testing to work. I think it’s because I’m still on a Galaxy S2 and I need a more modern phone. In any case, I’m glad someone is making money off of this. I like doing the short “Peek Tests”. 3 bucks for 5 minutes work is great.

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