Crowdology Surveys US / UK

By | March 6, 2015

I  just cashed out earnings from my Crowdology account and decided to give a quick  mention of them for anyone interested. This Panel reminds me of E-poll. Both panels have far too many long, boring, low paying surveys which are simply not worth the effort. Don’t ever approach these two panels thinking you can earn a lot of money because you’ll just end up wasting a LOT of valuable time for peanuts. That aside, on a positive note? Without fail  every 1-2 weeks both of these sites email  opportunities with the subject ‘Extremely short!’ or ‘5 minute survey‘. This is where the value is found on these two sites. I kept both of these accounts active and have concentrated on nothing but these special invites. The earnings are small? but if you avoid getting caught up in the long winded ridiculously low paying surveys you can actually snag some extra coin or gift cards with these two sites at a reasonable pay rate. Don’t settle for horrid pay. if they want your opinion let them pay a fair price for it! For the true penny pinchers like me these 2 sites will earn you a few extra bucks you just have to know how to approach them.

On a separate note I wanted to share a cool tip for SwagBucks users. Checkout this posting from Continouscashideas to put a few extra pennies in your SwagBucks account 🙂

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