Monthly Archives: March 2015

Religion Focus Group – $100

This one could be interesting. Focus group on the topic of religion. I get a lot of opportunities from this particular provider FWIW. When you fill out the screener they give you an opportunity to join the website which is Focus Forward. I will obviously keep sharing the ‘quality’ picks that cross my desk, but… Read More »

Georgetown University Paid Research

Good morning folks!  Pleased to share this gem with everyone. Take a few minutes to fill out the application and you will have access to various studies sponsored by Georgetown University.  After you complete the short application? they will email you a password and you need to log in and answer a few more questions but… Read More »

Home Appliances Study

Passing this appliances study on to everyone in hopes some of us get accepted. Make sure you jump on these quickly folks! Always keeping in mind once the quotas are filled that’s it. I will refrain from sharing it on my Reddit thread until later today so my blog subscribers get first dibs. I have… Read More »

Medical Conditions Study – $100 / 30 Minutes

Hi Folks!!!  just passing along a quick Plaza Research opportunity! In home medical conditions study. Not exactly sure what they are looking for but I didn’t qualify… I believe they want someone with a medical condition and whats nice is its an in home study only 30 minutes paying $100. You know the drill by… Read More »

FreeEats Pay-you-to-view Smart Phone Service

This offer is certainly not for everyone but if you are a true penny pincher like me?  Why not : ) is a pay to view service where you sign up with your smart phone and they text you advertisements and survey opportunities. What compelled me to join was there is a $1.25 sign… Read More »

Technology In Business Webcam Focus Group

Hey Gang!  Here is a Technology focus group invite that requires a web cam which I still don’t own. This opportunity appears to be related to peoples work and the devices they use to perform a job so its a very selective opportunity but still wanted to share since not many opportunities came by this week.… Read More »

90 Minute Webcam Study – $150

Happy Monday everyone! Passing this Auto study on to you folks with fingers crossed a few qualify! I don’t own a webcam so count me out unfortunately. Hope a few of you get accepted! Project: Autos Incentive: $150 Details: 90 minute webcam focus group Date: Thursday, March 26th We are thrilled that you would like to share your views… Read More »

Clothes Shopping Study – $200

Another online focus group opp- grab it while its still hot! Just received it seconds ago and passing it along quickly. Clothes Shopping Market Research Study opportunity. Takes about 20 seconds to fill out the screen. Below is a brief description. Good luck folks! We are looking for people who would like to participate in a paid online… Read More »

CDS Virtual Lab Online Panel

Found this while working on a study this morning and VERY happy I can share this with our group. These are studies offered directly from Columbia Business School with a pay rate of $16 an hour for your efforts. I completed one of their studies this morning and was in fact paid $3 for about 10… Read More »

Online Health Study – $200

Plaza Research is a marketing research company in New Jersey I use for local focus group opportunities and sometimes nationwide online studies. They just emailed me this nationwide/online opportunity that was worth sharing. Takes 1/2 a minute to screen. Good Luck! Plaza Research Paramus is currently looking for participants for an upcoming Health study. As… Read More »