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By | February 25, 2015

I always hesitate when I share opportunities like this that involve loading a browser add on or in this instance an application that tracks your smart phone data. Just be aware that I personally am long past the point of worrying about who I share my data with? and I also have a second computer and smart phone specifically for this purpose. In other words- these projects are not for everyone.

This opportunity is offered by a site called Smart Panel. If you qualify you will download an application onto your smart phone or tablet and pc, and they will monitor your data use. I have done quite a few of these over the last year and its always easy money. They pay you $15 for having the software installed for 1 week. After the 7 days you can remove the software and take your $15? Or you can continue to have your usage monitored and they will pay you $5 a month plus various gift card drawings and other opportunities. Not a huge earner by any means but if you have no issues with sharing your data usage for a week? Its probably the easiest $15 you’ll ever earn.

On a small note,  As most of my subscribers already know? I now have a Reddit thread. This helps drive some extra traffic to my site which helps me earn $20-30 a month (no joke) off the Google Ad sense program when someone clicks on an ad banner. I don’t want to cheat my Subscribers out of opportunities so I am going to be mindful of how quickly I share these on Reddit with non blog subscribers. We are getting too many great opportunities and I want my subscribers to have first crack at them. When I see my stats showing a good number of subscribers responded to the post I will then share it with the general public. In some instances If an offer is too limited and/or special? I may even go as far as just sending a private email to subscribers and refrain from posting it on the blog. My core group will always be the priority for me. Nuff said

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