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By | February 24, 2015

I stumbled onto Quirks over the weekend and wanted to pass it along. This is a great resource for finding local focus groups or product testing companies. It amazes me whenever I find a resource like this and do a search in my state I discover multiple companies I never knew existed. Quirk’s is very similar to another one I shared a few months back Greenbook. I cannot stress enough how much money you can make if you can form a relationship with even just one product testing company. It took me at least 6-12 months before my reputation was established and I was given opportunities every week but that’s where I am now and it just keeps growing. I even bought myself an appointment book last month so I can keep track of all my commitments : )

I get paid to give my opinion on everything from Candy to Coffee and whats great about this opportunity? The pay is extraordinary. For what I  made last month working 5 hours testing products and participating in focus groups I would need to have worked 30 hours at a part time job which for this business? almost seems to good to be true. Add Quirks and Greenbook next to my Craigslist strategy to make $$ with market research companies.




2 thoughts on “Quirk’s Marketing Research Media

  1. jeremy

    I see you posted a link to this blog earlier and in this blog I see you mentioned being a product tester, but how do you sign up for that? Only product testing I do and signed up for is L’oreal and Remington.
    I would love to product test coffee and candy like you say in this blog.
    Thanks so much

    1. Admin Post author

      Hey Jeremy! I have talked to you before in the forum, right? This is all the same blog even though it doesn’t seem like it.. I use the forum now for most of my information exchange but its all the same site. Do me a huge favor? At the top of this page all the way on the right youll see ‘General Forum’. Click on that and start a discussion so we can talk about this. I would love to get you started. There is quite a bit of money in it AND its fun. Most of the studies make you sign a non disclose because they are VERY guarded about the products they are launching so I cant ever be specific? but I can tell you that last year I made a fantastic part time salary doing everything from Mock Juries to eating TV dinners. I had several studies that paid me $25-50 for 20 minutes each week to come in and test food products. One of the studies was ongoing for over a year, 2 times a week and every so often they even had special $1-200 studies. Id love to help you out but I am going to be jealous because now I live in a very secluded area and had to give them all up and boy does it stink : )

      I also recently set up a facebook account ( I hate social media but I had to give in) and your welcome to also visit me there and discuss it. Take some time to also go to the top of this blogs home page and subscribe so I have you on the mailing list. Its free of course – no strings attached.. A lot is going to be happening around here real soon and hope to have you on board. Youll be contributing in no time.. Thats the best part of this- people get involved and then months later they start teaching me things. That is our general theme around here!


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