Monthly Archives: February 2015

Medical Decisions Online Discussion – $150

Topic: Medical Conditions Who: Males & females, ages 18-65 When: Wednesday, February 25 – Friday, February 28 Length/Pay: 3 day online discussion / $150 Where: In the comfort of your own home Just remember folks– getting accepted to these studies is a numbers game. You need to act on these immediately and try to… Read More »

ClickWorker Follow Up – AVOID

I jumped on this site with eager anticipation. Despite all the red flags such as ‘Better then Amazon Turk’, or ‘I made $2000 in a week’ I had to find out the hard way. This site is awful folks. Which brings me to an excellent rule of thumb that everyone should keep in mind when… Read More »

MXWRK -Browser Extension & Task Toolbar

Sorry folks- The link was entered wrong. I fixed it : ) I hesitate to share this? but decided to let you folks make the decision. MXWRK is a small task site which is now offering a browser extension for Firefox (Must be Firefox!)  and you get paid for leaving the browser open. You can… Read More »