Monthly Archives: February 2015

Smartphone Users – $15 Project

I always hesitate when I share opportunities like this that involve loading a browser add on or in this instance an application that tracks your smart phone data. Just be aware that I personally am long past the point of worrying about who I share my data with? and I also have a second computer… Read More »

Quirk’s Marketing Research Media

I stumbled onto Quirks over the weekend and wanted to pass it along. This is a great resource for finding local focus groups or product testing companies. It amazes me whenever I find a resource like this and do a search in my state I discover multiple companies I never knew existed. Quirk’s is very similar… Read More »


Just a quick mention of a site I subscribe to called Opinionsite.  I joined this panel well over a year ago and honestly I forget it even exists because I receive so few invitations. I keep it in my arsenal simply because the email invites take me less then a minute for qualification? and when I do… Read More »

Updates / Ramblings

Lots of small things to mention so I decided to put together a somewhat sloppy but effective post highlighting some of the good and bad over the last few weeks. Hope this helps! MXWRK Browser Extension- I tried it, but removed it from my browser. I was surprised it didn’t create popups or Trojans and ran… Read More »

SliceThePie – $.10 Bonus Per Review

Every so often I like to visit SliceThePie and spend a few days blasting out reviews to earn a few fun dollars. Unlike most other task sites offered here on Coolworkideas,  This is more for a targeted audience so its certainly not for everyone and not a huge earner by any means but I like to post… Read More »

Paid Research Study – $100

Health Conditions Telephone Study The telephone interviews are scheduled to take place the week of March 23rd and will last approximately 60 minutes. We do not sell or promote anything, all information is confidential and used solely for research purposes. There is a $100 incentive offered for those who qualify and participate in the study.… Read More »

Accelerant Research Creators Of Blognog Research

Just when you thought you found them all yet another potential winner emerges. Accelerant is a marketing research and consulting firm which offers quality survey opportunities to interested participants. Membership is free, all that is required is about 5 minutes of your time and some basic profile information so you receive targeted surveys directly into… Read More »