Perk TV App For Smartphones

By | January 1, 2015

When I started my website one of the first earners I wrote about was a simple application for smart phones called Perk TV. Its very similar to the more commonly known SwagBucks TV?  The difference is you can run Perk all day where as Swagbucks has a daily limit. This original write up was buried in months of posts so I wanted to take this slow week to rehash the value of this app and bring it to some folks attention.

The concept is simple- you get paid to watch Videos, Movie Trailers, Game App promos and there is even a scratch off game you can play for free daily or use your points to buy additional scratch offs where you can win $$. As is the case with most of these small earners you wont get rich? but its good for $20-30 a month if you use it consistently. When I initially wrote about Perk I used the phrase “Nap while you use your App”. Unfortunately that has changed and the folks at Perk have now added a checker which periodically asks “Are you still there?” at which point you have to press “yes” on the smart phone to continue.  A fantastic tip I did NOT mention in my initial article was you are not required to watch every clip. After watching about 30 seconds of a video? You can tap your screen and on the top left hand corner touch the tab “Done”. This allows you to skip over content your not interested in and also speeds up the credits you can earn. This can really make a huge difference to your monthly gains and is in no way a violation of the terms of agreement. The app forces you to watch a certain amount of each video before allowing you to skip to something more interesting : 0

here is the original posting on Perk TV. Nothing has changed except the attention check which randomly pops up. I have been using Perk TV consistently now for over a year and although they offer payment via Paypal? There is an incentive to redeem Amazon Cards and other gifts for a lower cost so I avoid the Paypal cash out option. Heck- Amazon gift cards are as good as cash to me : )

Happy New Year folks!!!


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