InnoPoll – Get Involved, Give Opinions, Get Paid!

By | January 28, 2015

I just signed up for a new survey site called InnoPoll. I typically try and wait a few weeks before sharing new survey panels but a very reliable source shared this with me and to be honest? I am so desperate to add quality new surveys to my list I was too excited to wait before sharing it. Just be aware that I have not taken any surveys from them as of yet and I will post a new update once I test drive this one!  It took me about 1 minute to sign up which included giving them my email? and also they gave me the option to share my phone number for text based surveys which means additional opportunities. I am long past the point of worrying about who has my phone number but obviously you can join this panel without sharing this sensitive information.

The pay ranges from $1-5 and all invites are mailed directly to you. My friend has been a member for a few months and says she holds it in the same high regards as my other favorites PineCone and MintVine. Can this be true? Lets find out!  and PLEASE keep sharing! This is EXACTLY why I started this website. Hundreds of eyes sharing information I couldn’t possibly find on my own. My fingers are crossed that InnoPoll will be part of our discussions throughout 2015 : )   Thanks April!!!!!

5 thoughts on “InnoPoll – Get Involved, Give Opinions, Get Paid!

  1. Michele

    Thanks Paul & April!!!! I just signed up. Here’s hoping for lots of surveys.

  2. Bargnhtress

    I love InnoPoll. I have already done surveys with them. I have not gotten many. They pay fast.

    1. Paul Post author

      I have the same issues with Innopoll.. not enough invites and when I DO get an invite its usually hard to qualify. but all things considered? After 4 attempts they give you a full credit directly to your paypal so its well worth it.

      You should look at Livewire. Just do a search of my blog and you will find mentions of them.


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