GreenBook Guide for Buyers of Market Research

By | January 6, 2015

A fantastic resource for finding research companies in your state. A quick search of the NY TriState area I was surprised at all the unfamiliar names I see! Sure wish I found this sooner but its now added to my list of helpful resources. Take some time to browse your state when you have some free time and hopefully you’ll uncover some potential money makers.


3 thoughts on “GreenBook Guide for Buyers of Market Research

  1. SweetMamaKaty

    I just came across this post today, and thought I’d check them out. I signed up for a few companies in my state hoping for an online focus group. Well I just got my first ever call! 😀 It’s a taste testing on site, so I’m both excited and nervous. Not very high paying, but it’s something, and it might even be fun.

    Thanks for the tip about GreenBook! 😀

  2. paul2015 Post author

    Katy that’s so good to hear! Don’t be nervous- its actually pretty fun and I am always surprised how well these folks at the studies treat people its very friendly and welcoming . Hey listen, want another great tip? After the study is over? Take a minute to talk to one of the workers and tell them you are available any time and to please make a note of your name and phone number. I do this now every single place I go to and it never fails! Whenever they have cancellations or cant get enough bodies? I get a phone call. These folks LOVE reliable people. If you are reliable? You are a priceless commodity to them : )

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