FG Global Research Recruiting

By | January 9, 2015

A friend sent me a link to this interesting site FG Global – They appear to be similar to Inspired Opinions, a valuable resource for finding market studies/focus groups in your area. You can never have too many of these so I recommend you take a few minutes to fill in your profile and keep your fingers crossed some email invites come your way (You know the drill by now!!!).

I just started with FG Global so I will do like always and post follow ups as things happen. It really is a numbers game finding focus group invites and if you throw your email at enough sites it pays off when you least expect it. I just started a REALLY cool candy study which turned into a 12 month commitment earning me $300 a month. Not bad considering its 5 minutes commute from my home all for 1/2 hour a week. Focus Groups and Amazon Turk are both currently 70% of my income- its something you cant ignore.

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