Monthly Archives: January 2015

LiveWire – $25 Study

Ashley posted this LiveWire opportunity on our Reddit thread and I felt it was worth sharing with the blog but jump on it quickly! these are time sensitive. Takes 1/2 minute to see if you qualify- certainly worth the effort for $25. They didn’t accept me but hopefully some of you have better luck!  Thanks Ashley!!!… Read More »

Retail Professionals Study 60 minutes / min of $200

STUDY – RETAIL PROFESSIONALS Who: Individuals working in the Retail Industry When: Scheduled at your convenience during the month of February 2015 Length/Pay: 60 minutes / minimum of $200.00 Just passing this one along- doesn’t apply to me but sure looks like a nice payout. Certainly worth taking the screener if you are in retail.… Read More »

UserTesting – Check This Out!!!

Wanted to share this site UserTesting with everyone. A site a member shared with me and I will report back once I set up and give it a try but it sounds fantastic!  Below is the Reddit post so people that aren’t comfortable with the forum wont miss out. Huge thanks Onnonnon!!! I Hope more folks… Read More »

MS Patients or COPD – Telephone Interviews

Topic: MS Patients Who: Men and women, 18 – 50 years old, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis When: January 28 – 30, 2015 Length/Pay: 60-minutes / $125 Where: Telephone Interview Topic: COPD Who: Men and women, 40 – 70 years old, diagnosed with COPD When: January 26 – February 20, 2015 Length/Pay: 60-minutes+ / $100+ (depending… Read More »

Mock Jury Focus Group

I found this opportunity on Craigslist earlier today while performing my daily ritual for focus group opportunities. A Mock Jury study. These opportunities are snagged real fast so its very wise to visit Craigslist Gigs/Jobs several times throughout the day and respond immediately when you see one that looks desirable. See an earlier posting for more on this strategy.… Read More »

FG Global Research Recruiting

A friend sent me a link to this interesting site FG Global – They appear to be similar to Inspired Opinions, a valuable resource for finding market studies/focus groups in your area. You can never have too many of these so I recommend you take a few minutes to fill in your profile and keep your… Read More »

E-Poll Surveys

I just finished another short E-Poll Survey and decided to look at my account history to see what I earned over the last 2 months. Sadly, its pretty clear this site wont be a big earner for me. The main reason I am keeping this panel active is the fact that all the invites I… Read More »

Perk TV App For Smartphones

When I started my website one of the first earners I wrote about was a simple application for smart phones called Perk TV. Its very similar to the more commonly known SwagBucks TV?  The difference is you can run Perk all day where as Swagbucks has a daily limit. This original write up was buried… Read More »