Visiting MintVine Each Day – A Good Habit To Form!

By | December 7, 2014

Mintvine is one of a few sites that offers a daily check in just for visiting the site. This is a smart move on their part because it provides you with an excuse to stop in? see if they have any surveys you can qualify for? and makes it much easier to form a habit of visiting each day and staying consistent. The daily survey is generally one question- takes you 30 seconds and it pays a nickel.  I actually visit when I receive an email invite which is typically 2-3 times a day. If the average survey pays you $1.75 (assuming you weed out the smaller ones which isn’t really difficult since MintVine tends to pay on the higher side?) A few visits a week can equate to 4 completions which over a year would be almost $400 – this includes all those nickles for checking in daily of course! Obviously just a slightly harder push and you could conceivably set a goal of 7 a week or $6-700 a year. Truth is its impossible to get the numbers exact but if your on a budget and looking for ways to pay off bills like your car insurance each year or your eating out costs this is an excellent routine to get into. The more cash you want to earn, the more sites you can repeat the same routine with! There is virtually no limit as long as you single out the quality sites. It just requires a solid plan that you stick to, and a site you can trust which MintVine clearly is.

For now MintVine is still one of my top earners.. I cant help but think the daily check in has helped by providing me that extra reminder to check with the site daily and therefore forming a habit of visiting constantly.

Worth  mentioning soon I will be talking a bit about Crowdology and EpollSurveys but the jury is still out for me on whether they are worth the effort or not. May want to check them out if you have time however.  Good luck out there folks!!!


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