Visit SocialSci – 12 Minutes Can Earn You a Buck This Weekend

By | December 20, 2014

SocialSci has a few ridiculously easy studies available on their site if you have 10-15 minutes this weekend. Sure wish they would email a heads up when surveys are available? The site isn’t a huge earner so I don’t check them regularly? but almost every opportunity the site offers is fast, no rejection studies which makes them priceless in my opinion. Just reached my second cash out as well. This site is clearly a winner even though its chump change 🙂

Worth mentioning I also reached cash out for E-Poll although I still don’t know if this site is worth it. The surveys can be brutally long so I’m still struggling to learn how to identify that and weed out the junk. I am not much of a television fanatic so that might be part of the problem. Most of the surveys they offered are geared towards entertainment.

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