Reckner Consumer Opinion Research Company

By | December 13, 2014

Reckner is yet another study provider you may want to take a few minutes to sign up for. Similar to LiveWire and TVFocus group– you simply sign up? and a few times a month they mail you potential opportunities. Recently I have been doing really well with similar services  so you’ll notice I keep adding more whenever I find them. On average the opportunities offer a much higher pay rate then your typical survey provider but best of all the time spent trying to qualify is typically under 2 minutes which is priceless. These are high paying opportunities however they don’t send out a lot of them so my strategy is to be on the mailing list of as many reputable ones as possible and hope I qualify for a few a month.  Below I pasted a blurb from their website which says it best.  Good luck folks!

< Reckner is a national consumer opinion research company. Every day, hundreds of people like you are scheduled to participate in taste tests, interviews and focus groups, web surveys, telephone surveys, and in-home product testing. Our clients are national and international manufacturers, retailers, and service providers who want to hear your opinions about their products.
Join in on the fun…and receive compensation for your opinions by registering today. >

2 thoughts on “Reckner Consumer Opinion Research Company

  1. Greg Jones

    Quick and easy sign-up, we’ll see how it goes.

    If it’s halfway between Pine Cone and Mintvine it will be super—-Pine Cone has been that good!!!!


  2. paul Post author

    Greg- check out MyView if you get some free time. I didn’t praise them very much when I wrote up some recent survey sites but the last 3 weeks I have been slamming some real nice $2-3 surveys consistently. The customer support is great which always kept me with the site? but I never seemed to make a lot of cash consistently and the surveys can be insanely long… but the last few weeks they keep offering me larger paying surveys and I reached $30 since the start of December just answering email invites so now Im focusing on it every day. Just have to turn away the low paying opportunities because some of these surveys are 20-30 minutes regardless of pay.. but lately there are plenty of $2-3 payouts so clearly worth it. I plan on posting a quick blurb about them today or tomorrow when I get a free minute..
    I love Pinecone. Almost every site I belong to runs hot and cold throughout the year but Pinecone is a solid steady earner.. Wish they would send me some more samples.. I just finished the cat food they sent- saved me about $60 bucks over the last few months.. : )

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