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By | December 30, 2014

Hey Folks!  New site is up and running!!!  Wow I did a crash course on all of this but so far so good.  What a time to be alive?  Every answer you could possibly need is a Google away. Very time consuming but its unreal how much I accomplished over this last weekend. Whew.. Just let me know if you find any errors/issues- I am sure they will be popping up for months to come but we are functional and ready to roll so lets get back into the swing of things here…

I just received an Invite from PineCone?  In the past I could wait a few days before taking an invite? but lately I noticed if I don’t jump on the surveys quickly they expire. Just wanted to share that heads up with everyone. Things are VERY slow out there right now so its wise to be aggressive and try for whatever shows up in your mailbox. All my favorites are very slow right now whether its Amazon Turk, FusionCash, Mintvine.  Funny thing- MyView is  still going strong but aside from them its very slow. This happened last year at this time so I’m not too concerned. LootPalace videos are offering 17 loot points which is a tad below the generous 25 they usually offer but its still making me a few bucks a day.

Lets get past this week and start 2015 already…


2 thoughts on “PineCone Panel & Other Ramblings

  1. paulann2015 Post author


    I have to test the comments… Its unreal how many tiny glitches I keep running into… Sorry guys.. soon this will all be working flawlessly but….

    : 0

  2. Cyrus

    I’ll chime in by echoing your frustrations about the slowdown over the new year. I’m ramping up my work at home time right when the work has dried up! I really hope it comes back up soon.

    I love the site, BTW. I was turned on to it through MTurklist.

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