MyView Panel My Leader So Far This Month – Check it Out!

By | December 16, 2014

I mentioned quite a bit in the past how survey sites run hot and cold and its best not to marry any one site for too long. Push hard when the site is hot and move on when its not- real simple “trend is your friend” thinking but it works.. On that note I just wanted to shout out that MyView is hot right now and I would take a stab and see if you have the same luck I am with them.  I visit the site about 2-3 times a day and only go for higher paying surveys as is my rule. If the survey they are offering isn’t a high enough payout I highly recommend skipping it and coming back to the site in 5-10 minutes to refresh and wait for a more generous opportunity. The low paying surveys on MyView are sometimes 20-30 minutes long and can be brutal so you want to avoid anything that isn’t at least $1.50 or better. but there are plenty of $2-4 surveys if you keep checking the site and don’t forget they pay you a dime if you don’t qualify. Remember- be selective! Spend 20 minutes on a $3.00 payout not a $.50!!!

MyView is the leader for December so far.. Been with these folks for over a year and its never performed this well so very happy with MyView right now. Hope it continues : )



4 thoughts on “MyView Panel My Leader So Far This Month – Check it Out!

  1. Greg Jones

    How do you sign up?

    I found this on the website:
    MyView is a closed recruitment community. Therefore, we do not recruit members directly through our site, but we partner with other web communities to invite their members to join us as well. We suggest that you to look for our MyView logo the next time you register for other online services.

  2. Greg Jones

    That’s what I was looking for. It worked–thanks.

    For some reason, I clicked on my profile on the PineCone page. I guess it was a default answer, my survey limit was set to one daily. That got changed!!

  3. paul Post author

    Too funny- after reading your post? I quickly went to PineCone and checked my profile to see if I had it limited as well. I love that site.. In fact I have just been letting my balance grow a bit.. The invites come right to you, I set the time aside and grab a coffee and take every effort to go slow and give the best responses.. I have the utmost respect for those folks and could only dream of having 5 more sites like that.. I just reached cashout on MyView.. Shes still cranking for me.. One unfortunate downside to MyView is they don’t offer paypal cash outs but heck the gift cards are just as good as cash more or less.. Just something about having that option is important to me, not sure why..

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